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Frankie Summers – Blog #10

CPW Galaxy Blog #10 Gain and Glory Hello once again CPW. It’s Frankie Summers here once again with an in depth recap of the latest CPW Live show. This time held at the Henley Green Adult Educational Centre. A lovely airy venue with high ceilings, good acoustics and plenty of seating room for our beloved

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Catch your favourite CPW stars Saturday 29th September at the Henley Green Community Centre in Coventry! Doors open at 6pm and tickets can be purchased via our CPW Box Office or on the door (slightly higher price)


Frantic Funday Hello once again CPW Galaxy, it’s Frankie coming at you with another entry for the CPW Blog. This regarding recent events, with updates and the full story regarding the Funday and the Saracen’s RFC in Binley. I have to give an update regarding blog #7.5 and the title situations. It has been brought


  Beerfoam Aftermath So since the events of the Morris show as I will call it, there has been some conflict. On social media I have observed the gripes of some of the in and out of ring talent, regarding the current situation with the championships, match decisions and a boat load of other things.


Our annual Summerfest will take place Saturday 25th August at the Saracens Rugby Club in Binley, Coventry. Don’t miss this family fun day as the CPW stars will be part of an all day event that includes Bouncy Castles, Stalls, Psychic, fun activities and the annual Summerfest Wrestling show featuring a History 5 rematch as

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Season 6 promises to be our biggest and best yet with the addition of CPW Live and the CPW Superstars Season One project to accompany the already amazing staples of our programming CPW Primetime Wrestling and NextGen Wrestling added to that the launch of CPW On Demand and the website now is the time to


HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE PART ONE Saturday 7th July, The Highway Club in Tile Hill, Coventry. The biggest day on our calendar and holy hell what a happening this was. This is non uniform here, but before the show, both the good and bad guys of the roster decided to set aside our differences in


Hello again CPW Galaxy, this is Frankie Summers here coming at you again with another edition of the CPW blog which we will definitely need to come up with a catchy name for. So here we are with the final station stop before History V, the biggest show of the year that brings everything in


Hi there CPW Galaxy, my name is Frankie Summers, and I’m coming to you with the first of an ongoing journal of the events happening within this promotion of CPW. I’d like to first express my gratitude to Dominic and Mr Richards for my opportunity to be part of the CPW family as part of