Frantic Funday

Hello once again CPW Galaxy, it’s Frankie coming at you with another entry for the CPW Blog. This regarding recent events, with updates and the full story regarding the Funday and the Saracen’s RFC in Binley. I have to give an update regarding blog #7.5 and the title situations. It has been brought to my attention that Bob Bashby has now been released from CPW as a decision by senior management. I would like to wish Bob all the best for the future. As a result of this. The number one title contention for the Academy Championship is now open. This was addressed at the Funday, which I will get to.

This was an anticipated event for all those involved. The talent were excited to perform outdoors in a new place. Management was excited to be outdoors and put on something for love for the fans. I was excited as I may get a chance to do something other than make notes for the blog. Big thank you to Dan Evans for bringing his video camera as usual, along with Iron Serb bringing his to film the show for the boys and give alternate angles to work with for the edit for CPW on Demand. I would also like to thank Seb Stead of Wrestleography for taking photos of the show and promo shots of our talent. Hopefully I will be in the ring by the time you come round again.

We got there starting at 7am, and got the ring set up. I arrived to help later on, then the other talent slowly arrived few by few and we all got it set up, along with the stands and everything we needed for the show. Then the heavens opened in a big way. It poured down. Dominic told us to pull the ring down. Which we all chipped in and did and put everything back in the van.

The event had to be cancelled half an hour before it started. There were some other issues that I won’t go into, which left us all with nowhere to go and a feeling of frustration. Thanks to the lovely people at the church we managed to get the Performance Centre. We all went back in mass, set up the ring and seating, and got the word out about the relocation.

We had to change it from a free show to a low cost show at £2 a person. Some people objected to this. I find that silly, why complain now as you have no objection to paying £8 for a normal CPW event? It may have been advertised as free before, but circumstances had change. I thank those who were understanding about this. I will admit that the build up to the actual show was a nightmare. It was a long day dogged with issues and compromises, but we fought through it and all pulled together to give you the regular CPW shows that you all know and love.

So to my joy, I was put on duty as the night’s ring announcer. It was meant to be Caitlyn, but she couldn’t stay for the evening due to a double booking. This was a great chance for me as I got to go out there and have another go at this M.C.thing. I will admit that this time I was even more nervous as we had a bigger crowd and there was more on the line this time. I did not want to mess it up. Speaking of the crowd I have to give a personal thank you for so many people showing up on such short notice. We went from no show at all to filling to capacity in the space of 3 hours. You fans, Galaxy are the greatest. You need to know this.

Onto the show, I will admit that a lot of this went by as a blur as so much memorable action happened so fast. I was just in awe of what I saw. I’ll just try and break it down to the high spots, and major moments and that’s it. It opened up with me coming out to greet the fans. I thanked the fans and jumped straight to the action. While announcing match 1, Dominic DeWinter came out to stop me and gave the fans what I would call a proper welcome. He told the fans of the academy championship contendership situation. Also about how the opening match came to be. Stevie got his title shot thanks to his win over Bashby who has now forfeited his return match with that loss.
So the match started with running and strikes which was tense, before Imperial Dragon and Iron Serb stormed the ring in some kind of international coup to try and sabotage the show. They assaulted George and Stevie, but Dom stepped in, before I could call a no contest.

He had a Teddy Long moment as he said on the show and formed an inpromtu tag match with Serb and Dragon against the now new team of Stevie and George that we now call A-O Steve-O. The other team, I guess we could call them the Iron Dragons for the sake of ease, got off to an aggressive start. Steve and George were already worn down from that first exchange. They ground on Steve for a while. Imperial put Steve in the corner and hit him with a savage chop which winded him badly. After cutting their half of the ring off, Steve managed to mount enough offence and break away to tag George, but the Iron Dragons did not see this. George hit them with the high cross body. It’s crazy to see this young prankster take out a very tall luchadore and a big bulky hoss respectively. This shows that despite his age and light weight he’s not one to be trifled with. Fast pace offence came as George tore through them both and managed to get the 3 count to win the match. Very exciting opener, 2 great teams for different reasons. I was happy to see Serb get beat after trying to intimidate me. You failed at that by the way, Serb. You too Imperial Dragon. You said you’d not heard of me, but if you read my blog you’d know what I’m all about. I can see A-O Steve-O going a long way.

Next up was the women’s title match as debuting Kimmy Goldwing squared off against the champ Natalie Wild, who just seems like that belt is part of her now. Kimmy got a good response from the fans despite being unknown to most of them, showing her natural character and positive attitude that does shine off quite well. Natalie came swaggering in with her belt as she always does, holding it high with an aura of smug that is so typical of her. It is good to see a confident champion though, she has beaten everyone who’s come against her on the roster, so it is reasonable to expect. It was power vs roughnecking here. Kimmy mainly with running strikes and corner moves and every time she got a head up of steam, Natalie resorted had to resort to her roughnecking ways. Chokes, wear down moves and her trademark strikes. Kimmy fought back valiantly throughout the whole match, but in the end, Kimmy got the wind knocked out of her and Natalie went for the submission. In not long at all Kimmy tapped out and Natalie retained.

Next was a tag team match for the CPW tag team championships between the defending Merseyside Murder Squad as they took on challengers Kameron Solas and Danny O’Neil.
Very back and forth high impact match with the challengers showing what they can really do and how well they can work together despite being just thrown together that night. They even danced to the Too Cool theme mid way through. The murder squad didn’t like this. They singled out Kameron and beat him up badly, all this before the squad tried to end it, and hit their finisher. It is sometimes called the Fatality, but I call it the Albert Docks Homocide. In honour of their home city of Liverpool, and what they do. By virtue of a miracle, Kameron Solas kicked out at 2. This annoyed the champs as Dale was distracted, the squad set up chairs in the corner. One collision into the chairs later Danny was out for the count. One quick 3 count later, the match was over, the murder squad retain and rightly so, even if their ways were cheap. They survived the aerial assault and the beatings and came back strongly. Sorry to be brief but this was too hectic of a match to process properly. I normally take pictures but my phone seems to interfere with the mic when I have the phone on.

After the interval was the fatal 4 way for the Nextgen Championship between Will Starr, Morris, Alex Conners and defending Isaac Quentin III. A lot of this was grappling that went to brawling. 2 sets of rivals in the ring and all 4 having history with eachother. It started as a 4 man in ring brawl, but then went to mainly Isaac and Alex ganging up on Morris or Will when one was too beaten up to carry on. Morris fought back with his signature leaping tackles which kept the bad guys in check. That pair hit Morris and Will with everything they could, but this union didn’t last long. Alex turned to gloat at the fans and Isaac tried to steal the pin. They faced off and were interrupted, same thing happened but roles reversed. It happened a third time, Alex had had enough and swung at Isaac. It was short lived, which is a shame. The CPW Galaxy always wants to see 2 guys they don’t like pummel eachother, as it means we all win, especially if one gets taken out. Sadly perhaps Will came firing back, hitting Isaac with all of his big moves. The handspring kick, the spinning wheel kick and so on. In a big impact Will and Isaac landed on the outside. They fought on the floor. Morris went for the Samoan Drop, Alex countered, hit the low blow while Dale was distracted and took out Morris for the 3 with the pitchfork driver.
Alex Conners gets the 3 count to become the new Next Gen wrestling champion.
I was distraught. But the upside was Isaac is no longer champion and his perfect win/loss record is done. I was told that he wasn’t defeated so he still remains unbeaten, but CPW management have said it is counted as a defeated as Isaac did not win and walk out with the championship.
However if I told you once I’ve told you once per blog. Alex Conners is dangerous and I warned you that something like this may happen. He is the man in terms of Next Gen brand. He cheated to win sure, but he has earned his right to get his shot and used his wicked ways to get his first singles belt, and I have to give him credit. He didn’t even need Summer or Scarecrow to help him. I have to give the devil his due, even though I don’t like to admit it and it makes me look silly. He’s getting better and better and he does it right in front of me.

So next was the opener for the Ruler of the CPW Galaxy tournament. Similar to the Ringmaster or the Pro Wrestling World Cup or King of the Ring single elimination tournaments that are always full of surprises. We were supposed to have 2 round 1 matches this time, but issues happened and one was called off. The rest of the matches will happen during series 6 and culminate in a finals at a premium show I assume. The match was between Jake Casanova and Tom Lindsay. 2 former champions and 2 CPW originals that captivate hearts and inspire raw rage respectively. Tom came out first. I said he was returning, but was asked what he was returning from. I meant to say to CPW action as we haven’t seen or heard from him since losing at History.

You, the reader should know exactly how I feel about Lindsay. I gave him credit at History but you all know I wear my Lindsay Sucks shirt to announce in. Mainly to get under his skin and formerly to get under Marcel’s. Now they are seperate entities and uninvolved it’s still fun to irritate Tom and show that even non in-ring talent are against him. Also I mentioned that his opponent was returning, but this was from injury. None other than Jake Casanova. He got the crowd dancing along to his new theme song and now we have all been asked to learn the dance in the next show. You never know, even I may get in there to dance with Jake at his next appearance.

Onto a more serious note however, after Tom got over being upset and the crowd calmed down, Mr Richards asked me to pass the microphone, to give us some hard hitting news.
We were informed that Jake’s mum had passed away 2 weeks before the show, after a long battle with cancer. Those who were able to stood up in silent tribute, as Mr Richards rang a 10 bell salute for Mrs Sallabank. R.I.P. My thoughts and prayers and love go to you and your family, Jake. I give you all the credit in the world for coming to do a show after something like this. I know it wasn’t easy for you to come back now of all times. This goes to all of you, readers, this is why Jake is as loved as he is. He is always there for his fans and for CPW in general.
Both men shook hands in a surprising show of sportsmanship in the centre of ring and the match started.

These two men know how to put on a great match. They know eachother so well from being in CPW together for so many years and having had more matches than a Hillbilly could count. This was no different, fast and impactful strikes, holds and throws, all on dead even ground with Jake just edging out with the power, using his long legs to his advantage. This was more to exploit for Tom however, as he took Jake down and worked on him with his grapevine ankle lock submission that he tried to put Mr Richards away with at History. Jake fought and limped back into the fight, even backing Tom into the corner, swinging through the ropes, narrowly missing my face by inches on the other side (great limb control by the way, Jake) and smashing Tom in the side. This high impact assault kept going till Tom found an opening, took control, locked in the grapevine again and Jake tapped out. Tom advances, but after he wouldn’t unhook the submission, Dale had to intervene. Tom got in his face, Jake staggered up and shoved Tom into Dale, who caught Tom and suplexed him to an explosive cheer from the crowd. The Dale-Plex has to be a thing now. Showing our favourite ref will not be trifled with. It all ended with Jake dancing on his bad leg with Dale in the ring. Twice in a row. What a fun time we all had and how glad we are to see this great performer back in the ring after a few months away.
Welcome home, Jake.

Next we have our main event. The Loverboy vs Hair match. Leyton Simms acccompanied by Marcel, against the ever beloved Fifi. The rules of the match were if Fifi wins, Leyton becomes his love slave, if Fifi loses, Fifi gets a head shave. Dominic Dewinter came out to break down the rules and outside officiate. Leyton came out all blood and thunder as normal. Fifi came out and got the crowd dancing as normal. Simms was instantly annoyed, especially when I joined in, as I knew it would rile him up. We got the typical Fifi game, the body attacks, the kicks, the strikes, the stinkface in the corner and typical roughnecking, chokes, punches and headbutts from Leyton. Fifi got the advantage until some interference from Marcel caused a distraction for Dale and Dominic. Meantime Fifi was hit with the Jailbreaker off the ropes, and was punched in the face by a thrown in chain. Fifi was knocked out and Simms got the 3 count. Fifi loses the match and his hair. He put on his wig to try and stave it off, but Simms threw it off, then Marcel helped cut off Fifi’s hair in front of a shocked and saddened crowd, throwing hair into the crowd and gloating all along.

Fifi put the wig back on and ran into the back without even looking at the crowd. Broken by what happened. It’s sad to see him lose in such a bad way after everything that Leyton has done to him and this is just the cherry atop this bullcrap sundae that he has served up.
I hope that Fifi wins out in the end. You don’t just lie down after taking a loss like that, which was cheap, against the rules and showed the lack of sportsmanship the Hooligan has. We’re all pulling for you Fifi. Come back and smash this mug.

Sad end but we had one hell of a show…except this was not the end of the show, it’s the special main event. The Chicken Club taking on the Hillbillies in a tug of war. Mr Richards came out to call it. The Chicken Club for those who don’t know, are a bunch of CPW loyal super fans lead by Martin, Wes and Kelly, who have even competed in the past in some capacity, against the Power Couple and even antagonised Tom Lindsay and Marcel in recent times. Marcel had to join the Hillbillies as Big Eli was not available for the show. Even this didn’t work as with set teams of 4, the Chicken Club won 2-0. First time was close and competitive, the second time was over in a trice, which lead to the Chicken Club and their followers getting in and dancing to ‘Pour some Chicken on me.’ I got in and raised the hands of the competitors and announced them as the winners one more time.

They partied on long after the other fans left. They celebrated a well earned win, showing us all that the Hillbillies are not to be feared anymore. But of course strength on the rope and strength in the ring is a whole different ball game. As it stands Alex Conners still has the NextGen Wrestling title and covets it to a disturbing level, sleeping while having it next to him in his trailer. Hold onto it while you can Conners, you have a giant fried chicken bucket sized target on you now, and it’s got many guns aimed at it.

I would say I’m signing off here, but I will instead let Mr Richards sign off with what he said at Summerfest 3, we will see you in September.


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