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Reload will be LIVE on IPPV

Coventry Pro Wrestling returns to iPPV Saturday 12th October with Reload.

Don’t miss the highly anticipated match between Mr Richards and G6 also see Lucia defend her CPW Women’s Championship in a triple threat match against Kat Von Kaige and Alfie Rogue and much including the contract signing for the CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship match at the Xmas Bash in December, will it go plain sailing for the champion Will Starr and the challenger Morris? Join us to find out LIVE on iPPV or join us in person for this huge night of Family Wrestling Entertainment.


You can book your tickets today at the CPW BOX OFFICE whilst paying on the night is also an option.

Tickets now available for October 12th…


New Blood Wrestling brand makes its Season 7 bow and in keeping with the huge shows that have preceded this so far its going to be another epic night of CPW family wrestling entertainment!

See Kat Von Kaige, Will Starr, MMS vs Imperial Dragon & Tommbie, Morris, James Cross, Lucia Lee, Alfie Rogue and more including Mr Richards vs G6 & Dominic Dewinter and if Mr Richards wins then G6 will disbanded and Dominic Dewinter will be fired!!

Tickets are now available at the CPW BOX OFFICE including savings on a VIP table for up to 8 people


Hello once again CPW Galaxy and this is my breakdown of Ruler of the Galaxy. This will be extremely broken down with acquired knowledge for Ruler of the Galaxy. I was mainly in the back conducting interviews and for Tidings I was off with the seasonal flu and didn’t want to spread it to anyone in the locker room, audience or management. That or make an embarrassment of myself in front of the crowd by going into a coughing fit. So I am not able to do a blog for that show. However I will be back for the Bash and want to provide something extra special for the show this time. I shall see you there. In the meantime I want to talk about this show as best as I can.

Ruler of the Galaxy came to us from the Xcel Centre in Canley. A massive 2storey leisure centre with a sports hall that is absolutely perfect for wrestling shows like ours. We have great acoustics, plenty of seat room, great lighting and utilities we can use for more exotic styles of match. Ones even we haven’t tried before. We opened up the show with something a little more serious. All of us in the back came to the ring and lined up around it in silence. Mr Richards got into the ring and addressed the crowd. We were there to pay tribute to referee Dale’s dad who had passed away the day before the show. We gave a 10 bell salute, a minute of silence and a round of applause for the late Mr Richardson. We all left the ring and went to the back afterwards.

Then my music hit and I marched out to the ring and did my intro afterpaying my own tribute. Opening with Sweet Caroline and the crowd warm ups to really get you all into it before the bing sing along. I end edit a burned out and emotional wreck before announcing Caitlyn James who would announce the show.

We opened up with a number one contenders match for the NextGen between Man like DeReiss against Tommbie. This was a knock down drag out and intense match between two very experienced wrestlers. It was close but it ended up with Tommbie winning the match and the number onecontenders spot. I tried to get a word with Tommbie back stage but hejust put his bat Shelley 2 up to his face and laughed maniacally at me. Personally I don’t know how we got him in the interview room. I guess he just wanted to let a feeling of some kind known. I give a lot of credit to DeReiss, he’s been on a great winning streak lately and it’s a shame it’s come to an end, but that won’t be the last we see of him I’m sure.

Next we got the first semi final match of the Galaxy tournament and it was Fifi vs Stevie W. Now on paper this match doesn’t seem all that fair as Stevie doesn’t have the experience, size or power that Fifi does, but he has a lot of heart and a surprising amount of support against a fan favourite like Fifi. The match was short and fast paced. It was going Fifi’s way until Imperial Dragon dashed in out of nowhere and distracted him. This caused Stevie to sneak out the win. Stevie advances in the tournament. Dragon beat on Fifi with the kendo stick and ran for it. For a follow up to this, watch the interviews on theCPW Facebook page. You’ll notice Fifi in a far more emotional state than I have seen him in before. This is of course about pride and dignity and that’s something any one of us can get behind fighting for. On another note I don’t appreciate being manhandled, Dragon. I had a handprint on my chest for days after you shoved me.

Moving on, we had the Murder Squad against Leyton Simms and Morris for the CPW Tag Team Championships. This was another one that was just a brawl with the ever uncertain mental state of Leyton Simms. Morris and Leyton fought valiantly throughout the match, but it just wasn’tenough. Leyton, when the flowers wear off is still tense and dangerous. Morris is a great partner for him as they are both into their bikes and are both sluggers. Evans and Oberman took everything they could handle however and managed to get the win. Still tag team champions for a total of 5 months now. It’s a shame but the Murder Squad shows how they still deserve those belts, being able to take onanyone and beat them when it counts.

To wrap up half one was the second Galaxy Tournament semi final pitted Will Starr against Tom Lindsay. This one was a tough and gruelling match, as well as quite evenly matched. Will managed to get squeezeout the win and advance to the finals to face Stevie W.


The result of the match is somewhat overshadowed by what happened afterwards. Mr Richards came out with a sledgehammer and a suspicious looking flying jacket. Upon getting in the ring and addressing the crowd, as well as Will himself. Upon this he unveiled the new Lineal CPW Heavyweight Championship, in honour to all those who have held CPW in the past, especially since this fiasco with the Beast. Mr Richards told Will that no one else deserved a shot at that new belt than Will, he then proceeded to perform a despicable act of attacking Will with the Sledgehammer, which hurt him so badly that myself and Dominic DeWinter had to go out and help him to the back.


Mr Richards, you know how out of character this is for me, but I have to speak out about your actions this time. You attacked a weakened man with a weapon to the point where he couldn’t even stand. We had to get him to the medic in the back to patch him up as best as they could. The act was disgusting and it put the crowd into a stunned silence… they didn’t know how to think or feel, however, I have the feeling I know why you did it. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to make it easy for Will and I dare say that had it been out of malice, you would have and could have done far worse. But I’ll give you credit that you did this one your own with only one weapon for help. I get the feeling you want to awaken something different in Will. To make him forget that he will be in the ring with a mentor and good friend and ally. He’s in there with one of the most dangerous opponents he could ever imagine. So he’s going to have to bring not only his A game, but his S rank game, that’s one for the nerds. I am hoping that this is the case and Will can bring out  everything he has when he gets his shot at the Lineal title in February.

We took a break and when we came back, and we opened up with a return asDisco Bert took on Isaac Quentin III in one of the most anticipated comebacks in CPW History. The fans have missed Bert and it was great to see him back, and he got a great response from the crowd. Sir Fancypants came out to his usual response of boos, accompanied by some different music this time. Coming out to Beethoven over Mozartthis time (I’m cultured too, Isaac).

The match was fairly even and exactly what you’d expect from 2 big studs like this. A mass brawl. In a very close match as you would guess too, with Isaac’s skill and Bert’s experience. It was all going well for Bert as well for most of the match, but just as he was going infor the kill, Isaac’s knee blew out out he rolled out of the ring,not wanting to fight anymore. He let the count run out and Bert picked up the win. Afterward I got an interview with both men, so check those out for the follow up. I actually agree with Bert with what he’s said. It’s about time that Isaac was put in his place and the only way to do this is to stop him from getting himself counted out or disqualified.

Nextwas the Nextgen championship no 1 contenders match between Alex Conners and Academy Champion George. This is a rematch from Halloween Reload where George got a shock win and Alex was pretty annoyed by it, what would happen this time?

Alex came out with strong offence as is to be expected. Using his strengthand power to work over George. However with the crowd behind him andthat tenacious spirit he’s known for, George managed to sneak out thew in and pin Alex in the centre of the ring again. However while Alexwas out in the middle of the ring, Danny O’Neil came out to try and cash in the Golden Ticket. Alex knocked out George and took out Danny, before dashing with the belt to the back. If you want the follow up, watch the interviews on the Facebook page as always. I’m not impressed by the conduct of you, Alex Conners, I guess you haven’t laid off me so much after all.

Next was the Women’s match. Best 2 out of 3 falls between Natalie Wild,the challenger against the women’s champion Valkyrie Victoria Adams. As I was doing interviews I didn’t see any of this match apart from clips and what I heard. All I know is that it got to 1 all very quickly and ended with Tori finishing Natalie off with a trio of German Suplexes and getting the pin to retain the belt once again.

I really don’t know what to say about this situation now as Natalie,try as she might cannot get past the Valkyrie. No matter what thecircumstances or stipulation, with the fans behind her or not,Natalie just can’t seem to beat Tori. It’s a shame really but it maybe a sign that the tides are changing in CPW, as much as I hate to say it. We’re all still rooting for you Nat, but let’s hope a changeof fortune happens for you again soon. It just seems odd seeing you without that belt.

Next was the final to the CPW Ruler of the Galaxy tournament as Stevie  faced Will Starr. However Dominic came out to announce that the injuries Will sustained cost him his chance to fight for this tournament win opportunity. This meant that Stevie had to fight the wily Tom Lindsay, back again for his chance to win the tournament.However somehow justice prevailed and Stevie W managed to make the most of this chance and beat Tom Lindsay to win the CPW Ruler of the Galaxy Tournament. Dale, Dominic DeWinter, Caitlyn James and myself all got into the ring to celebrate with Steve. We all applauded and the show came to a close. So looking forward to the Xmas Bash, what surprises may come along? We can only look forward with excitement.

The results to Xtreme Tidings are on the Facebook Page, so I shall see you all at the Bash to give you a more definitive talk throughabout that event. I shall see you there.

This is Frankie Summers signing off.


CPW presents Betrayal….

Don’t miss Our season 6 launch show as CPW Primetime returns Saturday 20th October LIVE from the Hagard Centre in Willenhall. Doors open at 6.15pm.

Betrayal Match Card


CPW Heavyweight Championship – No DQ

Mr Richards (c) vs The Beast

CPW Women’s Championship

Victoria Adams (c) vs Natalie Wild

Godiva Championship

Morris (c) vs Anthony Mafia

Tom Lindsay vs Leyton Simms

Will Starr/George/Jake Casanova vs Merseyside Murder Squad/Alex Conners

Imperial Dragon vs Drake Wynter




Frantic Funday

Hello once again CPW Galaxy, it’s Frankie coming at you with another entry for the CPW Blog. This regarding recent events, with updates and the full story regarding the Funday and the Saracen’s RFC in Binley. I have to give an update regarding blog #7.5 and the title situations. It has been brought to my attention that Bob Bashby has now been released from CPW as a decision by senior management. I would like to wish Bob all the best for the future. As a result of this. The number one title contention for the Academy Championship is now open. This was addressed at the Funday, which I will get to.

This was an anticipated event for all those involved. The talent were excited to perform outdoors in a new place. Management was excited to be outdoors and put on something for love for the fans. I was excited as I may get a chance to do something other than make notes for the blog. Big thank you to Dan Evans for bringing his video camera as usual, along with Iron Serb bringing his to film the show for the boys and give alternate angles to work with for the edit for CPW on Demand. I would also like to thank Seb Stead of Wrestleography for taking photos of the show and promo shots of our talent. Hopefully I will be in the ring by the time you come round again.

We got there starting at 7am, and got the ring set up. I arrived to help later on, then the other talent slowly arrived few by few and we all got it set up, along with the stands and everything we needed for the show. Then the heavens opened in a big way. It poured down. Dominic told us to pull the ring down. Which we all chipped in and did and put everything back in the van.

The event had to be cancelled half an hour before it started. There were some other issues that I won’t go into, which left us all with nowhere to go and a feeling of frustration. Thanks to the lovely people at the church we managed to get the Performance Centre. We all went back in mass, set up the ring and seating, and got the word out about the relocation.

We had to change it from a free show to a low cost show at £2 a person. Some people objected to this. I find that silly, why complain now as you have no objection to paying £8 for a normal CPW event? It may have been advertised as free before, but circumstances had change. I thank those who were understanding about this. I will admit that the build up to the actual show was a nightmare. It was a long day dogged with issues and compromises, but we fought through it and all pulled together to give you the regular CPW shows that you all know and love.

So to my joy, I was put on duty as the night’s ring announcer. It was meant to be Caitlyn, but she couldn’t stay for the evening due to a double booking. This was a great chance for me as I got to go out there and have another go at this M.C.thing. I will admit that this time I was even more nervous as we had a bigger crowd and there was more on the line this time. I did not want to mess it up. Speaking of the crowd I have to give a personal thank you for so many people showing up on such short notice. We went from no show at all to filling to capacity in the space of 3 hours. You fans, Galaxy are the greatest. You need to know this.

Onto the show, I will admit that a lot of this went by as a blur as so much memorable action happened so fast. I was just in awe of what I saw. I’ll just try and break it down to the high spots, and major moments and that’s it. It opened up with me coming out to greet the fans. I thanked the fans and jumped straight to the action. While announcing match 1, Dominic DeWinter came out to stop me and gave the fans what I would call a proper welcome. He told the fans of the academy championship contendership situation. Also about how the opening match came to be. Stevie got his title shot thanks to his win over Bashby who has now forfeited his return match with that loss.
So the match started with running and strikes which was tense, before Imperial Dragon and Iron Serb stormed the ring in some kind of international coup to try and sabotage the show. They assaulted George and Stevie, but Dom stepped in, before I could call a no contest.

He had a Teddy Long moment as he said on the show and formed an inpromtu tag match with Serb and Dragon against the now new team of Stevie and George that we now call A-O Steve-O. The other team, I guess we could call them the Iron Dragons for the sake of ease, got off to an aggressive start. Steve and George were already worn down from that first exchange. They ground on Steve for a while. Imperial put Steve in the corner and hit him with a savage chop which winded him badly. After cutting their half of the ring off, Steve managed to mount enough offence and break away to tag George, but the Iron Dragons did not see this. George hit them with the high cross body. It’s crazy to see this young prankster take out a very tall luchadore and a big bulky hoss respectively. This shows that despite his age and light weight he’s not one to be trifled with. Fast pace offence came as George tore through them both and managed to get the 3 count to win the match. Very exciting opener, 2 great teams for different reasons. I was happy to see Serb get beat after trying to intimidate me. You failed at that by the way, Serb. You too Imperial Dragon. You said you’d not heard of me, but if you read my blog you’d know what I’m all about. I can see A-O Steve-O going a long way.

Next up was the women’s title match as debuting Kimmy Goldwing squared off against the champ Natalie Wild, who just seems like that belt is part of her now. Kimmy got a good response from the fans despite being unknown to most of them, showing her natural character and positive attitude that does shine off quite well. Natalie came swaggering in with her belt as she always does, holding it high with an aura of smug that is so typical of her. It is good to see a confident champion though, she has beaten everyone who’s come against her on the roster, so it is reasonable to expect. It was power vs roughnecking here. Kimmy mainly with running strikes and corner moves and every time she got a head up of steam, Natalie resorted had to resort to her roughnecking ways. Chokes, wear down moves and her trademark strikes. Kimmy fought back valiantly throughout the whole match, but in the end, Kimmy got the wind knocked out of her and Natalie went for the submission. In not long at all Kimmy tapped out and Natalie retained.

Next was a tag team match for the CPW tag team championships between the defending Merseyside Murder Squad as they took on challengers Kameron Solas and Danny O’Neil.
Very back and forth high impact match with the challengers showing what they can really do and how well they can work together despite being just thrown together that night. They even danced to the Too Cool theme mid way through. The murder squad didn’t like this. They singled out Kameron and beat him up badly, all this before the squad tried to end it, and hit their finisher. It is sometimes called the Fatality, but I call it the Albert Docks Homocide. In honour of their home city of Liverpool, and what they do. By virtue of a miracle, Kameron Solas kicked out at 2. This annoyed the champs as Dale was distracted, the squad set up chairs in the corner. One collision into the chairs later Danny was out for the count. One quick 3 count later, the match was over, the murder squad retain and rightly so, even if their ways were cheap. They survived the aerial assault and the beatings and came back strongly. Sorry to be brief but this was too hectic of a match to process properly. I normally take pictures but my phone seems to interfere with the mic when I have the phone on.

After the interval was the fatal 4 way for the Nextgen Championship between Will Starr, Morris, Alex Conners and defending Isaac Quentin III. A lot of this was grappling that went to brawling. 2 sets of rivals in the ring and all 4 having history with eachother. It started as a 4 man in ring brawl, but then went to mainly Isaac and Alex ganging up on Morris or Will when one was too beaten up to carry on. Morris fought back with his signature leaping tackles which kept the bad guys in check. That pair hit Morris and Will with everything they could, but this union didn’t last long. Alex turned to gloat at the fans and Isaac tried to steal the pin. They faced off and were interrupted, same thing happened but roles reversed. It happened a third time, Alex had had enough and swung at Isaac. It was short lived, which is a shame. The CPW Galaxy always wants to see 2 guys they don’t like pummel eachother, as it means we all win, especially if one gets taken out. Sadly perhaps Will came firing back, hitting Isaac with all of his big moves. The handspring kick, the spinning wheel kick and so on. In a big impact Will and Isaac landed on the outside. They fought on the floor. Morris went for the Samoan Drop, Alex countered, hit the low blow while Dale was distracted and took out Morris for the 3 with the pitchfork driver.
Alex Conners gets the 3 count to become the new Next Gen wrestling champion.
I was distraught. But the upside was Isaac is no longer champion and his perfect win/loss record is done. I was told that he wasn’t defeated so he still remains unbeaten, but CPW management have said it is counted as a defeated as Isaac did not win and walk out with the championship.
However if I told you once I’ve told you once per blog. Alex Conners is dangerous and I warned you that something like this may happen. He is the man in terms of Next Gen brand. He cheated to win sure, but he has earned his right to get his shot and used his wicked ways to get his first singles belt, and I have to give him credit. He didn’t even need Summer or Scarecrow to help him. I have to give the devil his due, even though I don’t like to admit it and it makes me look silly. He’s getting better and better and he does it right in front of me.

So next was the opener for the Ruler of the CPW Galaxy tournament. Similar to the Ringmaster or the Pro Wrestling World Cup or King of the Ring single elimination tournaments that are always full of surprises. We were supposed to have 2 round 1 matches this time, but issues happened and one was called off. The rest of the matches will happen during series 6 and culminate in a finals at a premium show I assume. The match was between Jake Casanova and Tom Lindsay. 2 former champions and 2 CPW originals that captivate hearts and inspire raw rage respectively. Tom came out first. I said he was returning, but was asked what he was returning from. I meant to say to CPW action as we haven’t seen or heard from him since losing at History.

You, the reader should know exactly how I feel about Lindsay. I gave him credit at History but you all know I wear my Lindsay Sucks shirt to announce in. Mainly to get under his skin and formerly to get under Marcel’s. Now they are seperate entities and uninvolved it’s still fun to irritate Tom and show that even non in-ring talent are against him. Also I mentioned that his opponent was returning, but this was from injury. None other than Jake Casanova. He got the crowd dancing along to his new theme song and now we have all been asked to learn the dance in the next show. You never know, even I may get in there to dance with Jake at his next appearance.

Onto a more serious note however, after Tom got over being upset and the crowd calmed down, Mr Richards asked me to pass the microphone, to give us some hard hitting news.
We were informed that Jake’s mum had passed away 2 weeks before the show, after a long battle with cancer. Those who were able to stood up in silent tribute, as Mr Richards rang a 10 bell salute for Mrs Sallabank. R.I.P. My thoughts and prayers and love go to you and your family, Jake. I give you all the credit in the world for coming to do a show after something like this. I know it wasn’t easy for you to come back now of all times. This goes to all of you, readers, this is why Jake is as loved as he is. He is always there for his fans and for CPW in general.
Both men shook hands in a surprising show of sportsmanship in the centre of ring and the match started.

These two men know how to put on a great match. They know eachother so well from being in CPW together for so many years and having had more matches than a Hillbilly could count. This was no different, fast and impactful strikes, holds and throws, all on dead even ground with Jake just edging out with the power, using his long legs to his advantage. This was more to exploit for Tom however, as he took Jake down and worked on him with his grapevine ankle lock submission that he tried to put Mr Richards away with at History. Jake fought and limped back into the fight, even backing Tom into the corner, swinging through the ropes, narrowly missing my face by inches on the other side (great limb control by the way, Jake) and smashing Tom in the side. This high impact assault kept going till Tom found an opening, took control, locked in the grapevine again and Jake tapped out. Tom advances, but after he wouldn’t unhook the submission, Dale had to intervene. Tom got in his face, Jake staggered up and shoved Tom into Dale, who caught Tom and suplexed him to an explosive cheer from the crowd. The Dale-Plex has to be a thing now. Showing our favourite ref will not be trifled with. It all ended with Jake dancing on his bad leg with Dale in the ring. Twice in a row. What a fun time we all had and how glad we are to see this great performer back in the ring after a few months away.
Welcome home, Jake.

Next we have our main event. The Loverboy vs Hair match. Leyton Simms acccompanied by Marcel, against the ever beloved Fifi. The rules of the match were if Fifi wins, Leyton becomes his love slave, if Fifi loses, Fifi gets a head shave. Dominic Dewinter came out to break down the rules and outside officiate. Leyton came out all blood and thunder as normal. Fifi came out and got the crowd dancing as normal. Simms was instantly annoyed, especially when I joined in, as I knew it would rile him up. We got the typical Fifi game, the body attacks, the kicks, the strikes, the stinkface in the corner and typical roughnecking, chokes, punches and headbutts from Leyton. Fifi got the advantage until some interference from Marcel caused a distraction for Dale and Dominic. Meantime Fifi was hit with the Jailbreaker off the ropes, and was punched in the face by a thrown in chain. Fifi was knocked out and Simms got the 3 count. Fifi loses the match and his hair. He put on his wig to try and stave it off, but Simms threw it off, then Marcel helped cut off Fifi’s hair in front of a shocked and saddened crowd, throwing hair into the crowd and gloating all along.

Fifi put the wig back on and ran into the back without even looking at the crowd. Broken by what happened. It’s sad to see him lose in such a bad way after everything that Leyton has done to him and this is just the cherry atop this bullcrap sundae that he has served up.
I hope that Fifi wins out in the end. You don’t just lie down after taking a loss like that, which was cheap, against the rules and showed the lack of sportsmanship the Hooligan has. We’re all pulling for you Fifi. Come back and smash this mug.

Sad end but we had one hell of a show…except this was not the end of the show, it’s the special main event. The Chicken Club taking on the Hillbillies in a tug of war. Mr Richards came out to call it. The Chicken Club for those who don’t know, are a bunch of CPW loyal super fans lead by Martin, Wes and Kelly, who have even competed in the past in some capacity, against the Power Couple and even antagonised Tom Lindsay and Marcel in recent times. Marcel had to join the Hillbillies as Big Eli was not available for the show. Even this didn’t work as with set teams of 4, the Chicken Club won 2-0. First time was close and competitive, the second time was over in a trice, which lead to the Chicken Club and their followers getting in and dancing to ‘Pour some Chicken on me.’ I got in and raised the hands of the competitors and announced them as the winners one more time.

They partied on long after the other fans left. They celebrated a well earned win, showing us all that the Hillbillies are not to be feared anymore. But of course strength on the rope and strength in the ring is a whole different ball game. As it stands Alex Conners still has the NextGen Wrestling title and covets it to a disturbing level, sleeping while having it next to him in his trailer. Hold onto it while you can Conners, you have a giant fried chicken bucket sized target on you now, and it’s got many guns aimed at it.

I would say I’m signing off here, but I will instead let Mr Richards sign off with what he said at Summerfest 3, we will see you in September.


FRANKIE SUMMERS – BLOG #6 Media day in Birmingham

CPW Blog Entry #6

July 21st 2018, CPW joined forces with journalist ‘Brit Wrestling Fan’ Tom Baker and the Oasis Market stall Pro Wrestling Cartel and the UK Wrestling Cosplay group to put on the Wrestling Fun Day. It featured NBW star Corey Johnson too, who has wrestled in CPW before and was meant to feature at History 5, but sadly didn’t due to his opponent Karl Cook being injured. So we announced our bit to start at 1, but we had to start later due to a logistics issue, but it didn’t matter as fans patiently waited to try out some bumps with our boys. Out of the roster, there was myself and Dominic DeWinter from the non wrestling part and Mr Richards, Will Starr, Fifi, Morris and Leyton Simms from the roster. We were there with the fans, showing them a few of our moves and how to do them.

I managed to conduct a couple of interviews during this, so keep an eye out for those, one with Mr Richards which I had a lot of fun doing. Also one with Tom Baker from Best of the British Indies, who I hope I will get to work with again at some point, maybe on a podcast entry or something. We talked about what got him into the industry, and who he’d love to see come into CPW for matches. You’ll be able to see those very soon. I also got one with Will Starr, all done in an excellent location I have to say, in the deserted corner at the main entrance to the market. I got 3 good interviews with 3 great personalities and even I have given my two cents during them as I do here. Tom managed to do an interview with Dan Evans and Natalie Wild, so he did pretty well in getting them both to talk to him, we all know what happened when I tried to interview the Murder Squad.

There is something however that happened at this event that I have to address and it has rubbed us all the wrong way. It’s an appearance from a man who has been running his mouth on social media an awful lot. It was the Beast. I must thank Corey Johnson for being so quick in getting his phone to capture this for us. Beast came along, looked at the merch and made insults about everyone on the roster be they a good guy or a bad guy. Then he made his presence known by going straight for what he wanted. Mr Richards and his CPW championship. He immediately called him out and essentially called him weak for only being able to swat the wasp that is Tom Lindsay. I, who saw the match from the front row was called in to give my two cents. I said all that needed to be said. Mr Richards and Tom Lindsay beat the living crap out of eachother and noone can argue with that, the match was brutal and both men came out with beatings that took weeks to recover from. He told me that it didn’t tell him much. Of course I responded that he should actually read my blog, or better yet watch the matches that CPW put on.

This escalated and Fifi was dragged into it as well, considering the record those two have. Fifi has a win over Beast in a Triple Threat match and Beast has a win over Fifi in that infamous strap match. Those are only 2 of the 3 matches I’ve ever seen Beast in, the last was between Destination History and Road to History at Nextgen, and it was a DQ finish where he lost to Danny O’Neil by attacking him with the Golden Ticket Briefcase. That’s about 6 months I’ve been watching CPW shows and you’ve wrestled 3 times, Beast and you’ve only ever won once out of all of them, yet you have the audacity to challenge for a championship. You’ve not been relevant since last year, and the last title you went after you couldn’t win. I will admit you’re big and imposing and I will admit brave for what your next request was. You wanted a handicap match with Fifi and Morris. You may have beaten both of these guys before, but Morris has improved a hell of a lot since you last faced him, and Fifi has added some moves to his arsenal too. I don’t know what you’ve been doing since, but I hope it’s training and working on new moves.

At the fun day at Henley Green, Morris managed to beat Eli Conners after hitting him with the wasteland, and last time I checked, you and big Eli weigh about the same. It’ll only take Morris to pick you up and slam you down Beast, but how many people will it take to get you back up when you fall? So at the first episode of CPW Season 6, we will see this handicap match between the Beast and Fifi and Morris. If he wins, he will get a shot at Mr Richards and the championship.

He went away after a while thankfully and left us alone. He was lucky as there were a few of us there who would have gladly dealt with him had he tried anything, if not there were at least 4 security guards who would have thrown you out in a moment. I wasn’t aware of this until after, but I helped Fifi with his suitcase with his gear in it to the van at the loading bay. After we said goodbye I went back up to the Cartel store. During that time Leyton Simms ambushed Fifi and attacked him with a traffic cone, through him into a cage trolley and threw him into a sidewall. I know that you were annoyed by Fifi beating you at a previous show, Simms, but this cowardly back fighting is not on, if you want something like that, ask for another match, make it No DQ, if you care about beatings that much. Let’s hope he’s got this out of his system either way.

It’s onto Summerfest 3 on the 25th August at the Saracens club at Binley, so please keep an eye out for the info for those, I shall be there for both, observing and watching the action and noting the action.

We shall see you there.

This is Frankie Summers signing off.


Our annual Summerfest will take place Saturday 25th August at the Saracens Rugby Club in Binley, Coventry. Don’t miss this family fun day as the CPW stars will be part of an all day event that includes Bouncy Castles, Stalls, Psychic, fun activities and the annual Summerfest Wrestling show featuring a History 5 rematch as Will Starr takes on Issac Quinten III for the NextGen Wrestling Championship and don’t miss the Hillbillies take on the Chicken Club in the first ever Summerfest CPW vs The Fans Tug Of War Competition.


Fun Day – 12pm Onwards

Meet & Greet the CPW Superstars – 1.30pm

Summerfest 3 LIVE Wrestling Show – 3pm

LOCATION: Saracens Rugby Club, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2EY





Next was the 4 on 2 handicap match between The Hillbillies and Danny O’Neil and the man called Shiro. Standard stuff, Hillbillies come out, Alex Conners gets in everyone’s faces including mine. I should stay professional and perhaps I did respond a little strongly to what he said, but as I told you then Alex, I have a blog and I’m not afraid to use it. Eli took the lead to shake hands and slap fives with his fans but Summer and Alex just would not allow it. Cutting him off numerous times. They eventually got in the ring, and Danny and Shiro came out to a response that would have made you think we’d just seen England score live in front of us. The building was shaking with the force and volume, which annoyed the Hillbillies something awful. So much to the point that before the match started, they asked us to stay stood up in respect for the US national anthem. While what the crowd did was disrespectful, it was a group of ingrates who hate this country. Danny got us into it, as we started singing Three Lions and chanting England! While it was happening. Then in true style, Danny grabbed the mic, and said that we should get our national anthem.

We all stood in arms and sang with all of our hearts, really making us a part of this contest. Then it began as all contests like this do. With Danny and Alex locking up. I must apologise as my memory of this match isn’t great. I normally take lots of photos to keep notes of things that happen as they do. I was too invested in this to take photos. I was just too hyped up on seeing Danny beat the snot out of Alex Conners one more time. Danny took the early advantage as you’d expect, but Alex fired back before tagging in Eli. It became, as I predicted, a more sportsmanlike affair. Eli getting the power advantage of course. Summer was tagged in, but Danny being a gentleman of course, would not hit her back, but this lead to a cheap shot from her, and tagging in Alex again.

Danny tagged in Shiro to a huge pop from the crowd as these two began brawling. Alex tried to throw Shiro around to which Shiro responded with counter rolls, which understandably annoyed Alex. I’m actually surprised non of the Hillbillies went so low as to do mock Shiro with some bad Karate Kid references. They went at it for a little while until Alex got the cheap shot in and went and tagged in the Scarecrow. Then those two started brawling. Scarecrow got the upper hand with some fast and quick strikes, as control switched between all 3 Hillbilly boys and Shiro took a pasting from each. After a while and a savage beating, Shiro mustered the strength and got the tag to Danny who went in and blasted his way through all of them, except for Summer, who slapped him.

This ended up with everyone on the outside and Eli grabbing the Golden Ticket briefcase and contemplated what to do with it. We were all hoping after all that tension and all of that emotional beatdown that Eli would finally turn on his evil leader and smash him over the head with the briefcase. Instead his master’s voice overpowered him and Eli turned on the fans by smacking Danny with the briefcase, Alex covering Danny and pinning him 1,2,3. The crowd were understandably enraged by all this, as the Hillbillies seize the day and steal one from our heroes.

Alec at one point during the match spat at the crowd in a similar vein to Justin Joy, but the worst part is, Alex, you almost got my mum with that spit. I find that deplorable. Had it hit her, you would have known about it, as I would have caused you a lot of grief. I know that back home you were a keen tobacco spitter, and entered contests at many a county fair, but fans that haven’t done anything to you aren’t target practice. You need to watch your actions, else one day someone from an unexpected place will come out there and show you what’s what.Next was the Women’s match between the returning Millie McKenzie and the former CPW Women’s champion Athena Furie. This match was supposed to take place at Road to History, but as mentioned before, due to a booking issue, Millie couldn’t make it, so we had the triple threat match for the title with Natalie coming out on top. That match coming about because Natalie complained that it should have been her getting her return championship match first as she has the return clause in her contract. Which is a very standard clause I will admit. But still she got what we wanted, but not wanting to take away a promise from the fans, we got this match at nearest convenience and could finally show it on the biggest show of the year. Millie hasn’t been with CPW for that long or wrestled many times with us, but as I’ve mentioned before, she’s a local girl, born and bred in Coventry, has wrestled in promotions all over the country, has held big time championships over the past 2 years and she’s only just turned 18. She has a bright future ahead of her, but then we have Athena who is a 2 x CPW Women’s Champion and tons of experience in general as well as in big matches, she’s wrestled all over the country for the past few years, and is a known name out there on the circuit and isn’t afraid to wrestle anyone, even with women twice her size. So we have talent vs experience here, let’s see which one wins out.

It started off quite sportswomanlike as you would expect, both of these young women are liked among our fans, and they started off with their grapple game, with matt grappling and standing wear down holds and takedowns, trying to get leverage over the other.
This then lead to a striking match, standing and on the move, but then it got to what we all wanted to see, the power game. Athena did everything in her power to make sure that Millie didn’t hit her with those German Suplexes that she is very well known for, which worked for a while.

Millie started out the match very fairly it seems, but after a while it seems that her mean streak came through, stalking the more experienced Athena with very deliberate strikes and a lot of failed pin attempts that Athena kept kicking out of. I don’t know whether it frustrated Millie in the end, but you could see that killer look on her face as tried to do those suplexes. Instead when it didn’t work, Millie went for the underhook powerbomb instead, she also hit a Spear that almost took Athena out of her boots. Then she took Athena to Suplex City, with 3 German suplexes in a row, which certainly rocked Athena, but she kept with it, firing back with strikes, getting the upper hand again and even landing a flying cross body block which Millie kicked out of. They kept fighting until Millie hit another suplex variation and got Athena down for the pin. She couldn’t have used the Canadian Destroyer as all Piledrivers are banned in CPW of course.

This was a solid match and well worth the wait. I’m disappointed that some of the fans didn’t pay attention to some of it as they were focused on the Russia vs Croatia penalties, I know that the world cup is only every 4 years and it’s extremely rare that a result other than our own matters, as we don’t tend to get far, but still, these two women put on a fantastic match that a small section of the crowd were diverted from. But lots of respect to both of these women. They put on a good, high intensity match, and I expect to see more from both women soon.

Now before the next match, I have to bring this up. We had a technical issue regarding the sound system, which I retroactively apologise for, so Caitlyn couldn’t use the mic. Then I, out of the crowd told her to tell them about my blog. She told me I could tell them myself, so it finally happened, my CPW public debut. From behind my laptop and into the spotlight. I’m not sure how many of the fans read the blog, but I’m still going to keep making it as it seems to be a hit with people who have done. I’m sorry that they are quite long and wordy but these are in an depth analysis of each show. I have to thank everyone in the CPW Galaxy for the big pop you gave me and the chants, it makes me feel welcome and happy that I’m not part of this great industry, so Thank you all.

Next is the 6 man tag team match between Kieran Young, Morris and George as they take on the Bashbys, that’s Bashby and Bob and Shaun Ruben.

According to social media, I don’t know if we should take that Bashby’s first name is ‘Real’ or maybe it’s pronounced the Spanish way, like ‘Ray-ahl’, but maybe I’m thinking too much about this. These guys were not pleased that they couldn’t make their big entrance with their music, but Dominic came out and gave them a piece of his mind which the fans certainly appreciated. I understand how you feel boys, but the show must go on regardless.

This one came about because at the last Next-Gen show, George came out and beat Bashby for his Academy championship on his debut and his first time trying. He won after turning his own finisher against him and turning into his own. Now George has the belt, Bob is number one contender and now we have 5 of the Academy’s best and a former CPW champion in Kieran returning after that horrible injury last year, so let’s see what will go down. This match was so fast paced for a good chunk of it as we have 6 very athletic young guys, and a lot of it went by in a blur, so I can’t remember much of what happened sequentially, but I do remember some of the things that happened. From what I remember Morris started off with Shaun Ruben, Morris not being one to ever back down from a fight, and Shaun being very intense as normal. He doesn’t speak much, he just likes to get in there and throw people around. Some quick tags between both teams to begin with, we saw George come in and wrestle with Shaun, in only his second match, and Shaun being the stronger guy got the advantage, and put him into there corner, allowing Bob and Bashby to go after him one after the other.

From here, it was just a beat down on George really. Bob halfway through, used a move I’ve not seen him do before, as he got that big Samoan Drop and levelled him out, and shockingly George kicked out, showing how for someone so young with a slender frame, just how tough he is. I mean a move like that can wind you so easily, especially when someone like Bob who is 6ft 5 does it to you, that’s just crazy. Still, he fought back which garners a lot of respect from me. Even Shaun pulled out something I didn’t expect to see. I associate Shaun with ground and pound tactics, and a technical style, but this time he went and did a 450 splash, that is not an easy move to do, but I think Shaun got desperate needed to come up with something new and high risk to take out his opponents and it’s a shame that it didn’t get the job done as it was well executed. In the end Bob was still beating down on George. He went for a back body drop, but George flipped over him and hit him with his Arc Neck Breaker which I don’t know the name of, and managed to get the tag to Morris who just went in there and cleaned house. In the end it just turned into a pier six brawl with all 6 of them beating the hell out of each other. It all culminated with Bashby signalling to Bob to grab George so he could hit him with the Superkick. George moved and Bashby hit Bob with the Superkick, hard enough to knock Bob down, then in the shock moment George rolled out and in an explosion of emotion Bob stood up and out of nowhere, hit Bashby with that big cutter, the B.O.B and left them to it. Bashby was taken out, Bob was gone so now it was Shaun and all 3 members of the opposing team. Morris got in here, tried to hit Shaun with the Wasteland. Shaun countered and went for the DDT, Morris countered that, picked him up, hit him with the Wasteland and got the pin, ending a losing streak that has been going since November, and over one hell of an opponent.
Everyone impressed me here, with Morris picking up the win, and giving us all that sweet taste of success as he shows why he is the future of this promotion, and showing everyone why his is the major fan favourite that he is. George showed his versatility and proved that he can rumble with anyone regardless of size difference and Kieran showed no signs of ring rust at all, considering he’s been out of action for over 6 months.
Also their opponents, Bashby was fast and intense, Shaun was innovative and showed what variety he has in his move set and Bob showed that he doesn’t need anyone else, becoming a lone wolf as it were, but even in the match showed his power and size and how he can use it. But the good guys showed that they won’t be put off by anyone regardless of size. All around very solid match and everyone deserves their due.

Lastly it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for, the one that’s been building for months now. The Let’s go to War match between Mr Richards, the challenger taking on the long time now CPW Champion Tom Lindsay in his 3rd History main event in a row. Say what you want about Tom, but he came from the Academy back when CPW first started. He’s worked his way up the ranks and now sits atop the house of cards, and he did hold 2 championships at the same at one point. He started the rumble this year at number 1 and ended up winning it. One way or the other he has overcome every obstacle this year, no matter how much the fans disapprove. Sure he’s a cheating punk and has a bad attitude, but he wouldn’t have these things if he didn’t earn them, but now he has Marcel at his side, he has become even more of a threat.

This however has not stirred Mr Richards. The face of CPW, the man who swept the annual CPW awards, picking up 4, including Best Feud and Best Match with Dan Evans. Even winning award for that legendary Spear through the stage. Of course Mr Richards has had to take a step back due to his knee surgery, but his doctor cleared him for one more fight, so he could use it to give it all one last time to fight and beat Tom Lindsay. No Holds Barred, No Disqualifications and a man in each corner. Dominic DeWinter for Mr Richards and Marcel for Tom Lindsay. This couldn’t have got any more personal if it tried. This was more than just about the championship. This was about pride, and honour too. After all that Tom has done to CPW management, others on the roster and even the fans.

It started with Mr Richards taking Lindsay in a lock up on 2 occasions and Tom being thrown aside like a rubbish bag. There was no way Tom could match power with Mr Richards as Mr Richards beat him around the ring and into a suplex, Tom kickied out and used his experience rolling to the outside and as Mr Richards made his way out to join him Tom went for the cheap tactics. He clipped one of the knees, and began brawling outside, with a pivotal point being Lindsay suplexing Mr Richards on the concrete floor.

Mr Richards was in agony once again. Lindsay smelling blood rolled Mr Richards into the ring 1,2 kick out and the champion continued his assault with two vicious knee shots to the head but still Mr Richards wouldn’t lay down so Tom immediately went for the weapons, pulling out two tables and positioning them in uncompromising positions as Mr Richards made his way back into the ring Tom was immediately on him and a top rope manoeuvrer led to another unsuccessful pin and that point Tom went back to the weapon isle this time it was a chair which he positioned between the middle ropes and attempted to whip Mr Richards into the waiting danger but a reversal saw Tom shoot head first BANG and that bang was soon followed by several more as Mr Richards went to town on Tom crashing chair shot after chair shot including a leaping shot which saw Tom escape to the outside throughout this Marcel was trying to interfere but Dominic cut him off each time. He also came over to try and argue with me and my friends I attended with on occasion. On the outside Mr Richards took control climbing the apron to hit a superman punch as Tom fell hopelessly to the floor at this point the crowd were screaming for blood. This was deserved I say, a bit of retribution for all the pain you have caused, Tom.

Mr Richards picked up the body of Tom and proceeded to try and hit the head of the champion of the ringside apron but the wily champion reversed it and crashed the challengers head onto the unmoving wood of the ring, in the two went and this saw the first of two brutal table moments as Tom catapulted Mr Richards into the table that he had set up on the turnbuckles Tom you could see in his eyes was in the zone and he locked in the single leg Boston Crab, shades of the great Rollerball Rocco, right in the centre of the ring, nice and high to put all the pressure on that weakened knee. The crowd and Dominic begged Richards to not tap and in the end he made it to the ropes.

This forced the break which Marcel did not approve of Tom then locked in a leg lock but that was quickly thwarted by Mr Richards who you could clearly see was in a bad way. Tom in his seemingly confident state repositioned the remaining table adjacent to the near side turnbuckles but as he climbed to the middle rope his gloating to the fans became his downfall as Mr Richards dragged his faltering body right under Tom grabbing the champ by the neck and slamming him right through the table! This seemed the end as Mr Richards covered the champ 1,2 in came Marcel to break the pin and he was soon followed by Dominic DeWinter who cleaned the clock of Marcel with two thunderous shots and the two spilled outside brawling and this continued until they were out of sight back to the ring and Mr Richards had hit the Kings Crown but had let his attention divert to the outside stuff instead of pinning the champion and Tom had recovered hitting Richards with the DDT at 2.9 or there about Richards just managed to kick out. The two brawled to their feet and we got to see it the first Pedigree since History 4 but man the champion kicked out!!! Mr Richards was shocked pleading with official Stevie W that it was a 3 but Tom seized that moment hitting Mr Richards with a low blow and Tom wanted this over with and went and got the famous sledgehammer as he raised it high above his head to end the match and maybe Mr Richards life Dominic DeWinter was their to save the day grabbing the hammer, Tom knew trouble lay behind him and as he turned he charged at Mr Richards who moved out the way but as Tom returned from the ropes he crashed a shot into Mr Richards gut which was then met with a thudding Superkick and it reeled Mr Richards back to the ropes, Tom threw a Haymaker at Richards which was blocked followed by the kick to the gut, Pedigree, pin, and the match was over. The winner of the match and NEWWWWWWW CPW champion! Mr Richards!

I will admit I went ballistic at this point. The first time I’ve ever seen Mr Richards wrestle was just amazing and I can see what all the fuss is about. To see a perfect end to this horror story is what makes this what I would love to nominate as my personal match of the year, such a great contest between both of these men as they all gave 110%. I saw Tom in the dressing room afterwards and he was beat to hell, groggy and broken. Of course I had nothing but respect at this time as we need to remember as much as we don’t like him he is still human and he had that belt for a reason, other than being a dirty cheat, and he showed what that other reason was on the night of History 5. Under it all he is as tough as nails and a great competitor. I take my hat off to both of these men in what was the most emotionally charged and emotionally draining match I have ever watched, and I’ve been all over the country watching matches in all different promotions. But my local promotion that has welcomed me as part of their family in just a few short months, yet feels like forever has given me a match, and a show that will stick with me for a long time.

I want to take my hat off to everyone involved in this. To Management, to every member of talent and refs on the roster, the security, logistics and website staff, our hosts at the venue, to Hakimpur Cash and Carry for sponsoring us so wonderfully. But most of all I want to thank the readers and of course the fans of Coventry Pro Wrestling. You’re a unique breed who are part of the show yourselves, with how you interact with all of us, and how you emotionally invest with every single person on our roster. You’re the greatest and have made little old me feel welcome in this promotion. I even had one kid ask for an autograph from me, which was super special to me.

Now moving on from here we have Pre Season. Saturday 11th August we have a Fun Day with the NextGen Wrestling brand and then its onto our 3rd Annual Summerfest on August 25th.

Then on 21st July, a different kind of event as we head to the Oasis Market in Birmingham in conjunction with Pro Wrestling Cartel to do our Media and public meet and greet day with any wrestling fans who come over. There will be work shops and you can meet up and talk with the talents and myself of course. All of these before we kick off Season 6 in the Autumn.

I’m not generally a football fan, apart from when the international seasons come around, but I wanted to end this by saying it’s coming home, but the result of the match with Croatia says otherwise. I’m saddened by the attitudes of some who mocked the fans for getting their hopes up for this tournament, but we had a right to this time, this was the best England has done in 28 years, that’s longer than I’ve been around. But we do the get Golden Boot for scoring the most goals and it’s possible we will get the 3rd place slot, so something will be coming home after all. It’s sad but we have a fantastic team and we should be proud of them regardless of what happened.

I must thank you all for reading on this far and all of your support, wrestlers and fans alike. It does make me so happy that what I type and put on the website means so much to so many people. I’m sorry if some of the information isn’t quite correct with this one, but I’m only going off memory for a long show with epic barnstorming matches with massive stakes, and all of them had so much going on, calling them move for move would have been impossible from here. So, until next time, This is Frankie Summers signing off.




Saturday 7th July, The Highway Club in Tile Hill, Coventry. The biggest day on our calendar and holy hell what a happening this was. This is non uniform here, but before the show, both the good and bad guys of the roster decided to set aside our differences in order to all sit down and watch the England game, and the unity and the atmosphere and the magic that came from it all and seeing England win against a team we always struggle against was just incredible. The end result put us all in such a good mood and made us all so fired up for this show. It was a feeling like no other, and to get an audience that’s bigger than I’ve ever seen in CPW. We had a stacked card, an everyone riding on air after England’s Quarter Final victory, this was going to be an amazing show.

I must apologise for the lateness of this one, it has taken me a week to finish as there has been so much to type up. This is a long article and it’s been really tough to write up and keep concise. So please bare with it and try and get to the end. I hope you enjoy it either way.

The Meet and Greet was a big success, allowing all of our stars to come out and speak with the fans on a more personal level. Some were more casual than normal and others really lived up to their reputation. Bashby signed my paper and put a vulgar tongue out emoticon on it, for goodness sake. He also tried to charge me of all the cheek. I brought my mum along to the show because I didn’t want her to miss out on what would be an amazing show, also I wanted her to meet my friends and enemies at the show before hand. Everyone was quite respectful apart from, of course, Alex Conners. He of course had to have a go. Eli managed to settle him down but she left unphased, further cementing that we won’t be bullied by you.

Now onto the show.

We kicked off with an opener from a suited and booted gentleman who only refers to himself as The Tycoon. He stated that he was at History to find the very best talent we have in CPW and make them even better with the power he has. If it seems odd why someone completely new opened up the show, I can explain. He has made appearances at CPW before, in the audience, cheering mainly for The Beast and most other bad guys on the roster. Well then Mr Tycoon, you have many people to choose from as the show evidenced, not that it will do much I’m sure.

After that segment we got the real intro from Dominic and Caitlyn. We got the match run down that got the crowd from angry and annoyed to happy and hyped. Caitlyn announced all of the matches on the card and then came at us with the first match.
A massive heavy hitter in the 4 team Tag Team Gauntlet match between The Rainbow Boys (Fifi and Neon Defender), The Bank Job (Leyton Simms), Merseyside Murder Squad (Dan Evans and Seth Skyline) and the reigning champions Justin Joy and Craig West. I must apologise for this, I don’t know the names of the tandem finishers of these teams.

It opened up with Neon Defender and Fifi against the Bank Job. It started off quite evenly, but Bank Job took the advantage to begin with and worked on Neon with some of that tandem offence I talked about before. Some dirty tactics and some quite innovative assault, but Neon struck back hitting Leyton with the spear, getting the tag to Fifi, who bowled through both members, hit the stink face on Simms and took him out with a team finisher. Rainbow boys advance.
Next it was against the Murder Squad who instantly threw caution to the winds, before being thrown out. There was brawling outside and dirty tactics from the squad which got them the upper hand. They got an early pin attempt on Fifi who kicked out, but after removing him from the picture, they hit Neon with their finisher and got the pin.
Lastly it was the champs. West and Joy, maybe they could win back the day? They came in to an ambush from Evans and Skyline, which they got the first of, but managed to counter it, then some back and forth before West and Joy getting the upper hand after some high flying and high impact offence. It seemed like they had it in the bag when they picked up Evans for their finisher, hit him with it in the centre of the ring, went for the cover but the resilient Evans kicked out at 2. Justin Joy did not approve of this, barked at West, which broke into a shoving match which was broken up by Seth Skyline, who took out Joy. West was hit with the Murder Squad’s finisher which put him down for the 3 count. The Merseyside Murder Squad are your new CPW tag team champions.

However Justin Joy took exception to this, he got in the face of Craig West, shouting at him over the loss, before superkicking him in the face and launching him with his tornado slam finisher. The audience instantly turned on Joy, and one annoyed him to such a degree that he ended up spitting at one of the fans. This was an absolute shock. I would never have thought that Justin would turn bad, or turn on Craig West. Those two were an amazing pairing who worked so well together, put on amazing matches and were the first competitors I ever saw in CPW (Along with Anthony Mafia and Iron Serb).
From the off I knew they were a special team. 2 innovative all rounders with complimenting styles that mould seamlessly together who were worth those tag belts and so much more. But now it all ends like this. A team divided. I can understand how you felt Justin, but I don’t see how beating up your partner will help. I know these two fought before with West coming out on top but I think we’re going to see a much crazier and more power hungry version of Justin Joy from now on. It’s such a shame it’s happened this way.

Now let’s move on to the Women’s Championship Match between Shauna Shay, the challenger and the champion Natalie Wild. This match was essentially the end of a best of 3 as both women had a win over each other. This would settle the score. As I had guessed it started out with mat wrestling with Shauna getting he edge with Natalie having to use cheap tactics to get the upper hand, such as choking. Shauna did fight valiantly with some body tackles and take downs, and seemed to be in control of the match for a good part of it. Natalie however got the upper hand, locked in a submission and tried to make Shauna tap. It didn’t work however as Shauna made it to the ropes, and after fighting her way back up and launching some more offence, Natalie got the roll up and grabbed Shauna’s shorts and got her down for the 3 count. So Natalie retains and Shauna is left out in the cold again. It was a decent see-saw match between 2 very even competitors, and the crowd were definitely behind Shauna and rightly so. We all thought she had the chance to win and she was conned out of the belt once again. Who knows what will happen in time to come but I dare say after the finish that these two may just clash heads again once more.

Next we had the 3rd of 4 title matches as Isaac Quinten III defends his Next Gen championship against Will Starr in a British Wrestling rules match. Imagine I’m saying this like Brian Crabtree of World of Sport fame in the 70s. Eight three minute rounds. Two falls, two submissions or a knockout to decide the winner. But that was just the start.
Public warnings were in effect, a knockout means a count out victory too, which means the title can change hands. Clenched fists are more than just a telling off, it’s a mark towards a DQ, as is non continuation of moves after a takedown. It’s kind of hard to explain, you kind of have to know before going into it. Even Dale got his powder blue shirt and dickie-bow tie for the occasion. It was like Max Ward had come especially to the show for this match.

Going into it, it was dead even between these two. The undefeated Quinten with that belt and a lot of confidence going in. The booing did not stir him, neither did the task at hand. But then comes Will Starr, out like a ball of fire and intensity. Ready to get his hands on Isaac Quinten, and to reclaim that championship that was stolen from him, by any means necessary. It opened up quite surprisingly with mat grappling and chain wrestling, like the days of the rules it’s in honour of. The pace then picked up, we saw back body drops and submission attempts from both parties, and in Round 2, Will managed to catch Isaac off guard and get him down for the 3 after the back slide. Meaning that Isaac’s unpinned streak was now over. Round 3 was much the same, and ended with no decision, apart from Isaac at the end hitting Will with the cheap shot which flustered him.

They went into the next round, with once again more see saw grappling, which was even throughout. Isaac got the cheap shot in to take advantage, and took the chance to get his first pin on Will. Then during recovery time, Isaac grabbed the mic and began to taunt Will, saying “he bet that he really wanted to punch him right in the face, right there and then” or something to that effect. Will took the bait and in frustration decked Isaac in one punch, which got Will his first public warning. It played into his hands, but it was a mistake on Isaac’s part to rile Will up. Due to his build, Will can hit pretty hard and as fast to go with it, and Isaac felt this first hand, and he brought it on himself. Don’t taunt someone who is already out to ruin your day due to your doing. The 4th round began and they threw tradition away, this was war. Brawling, a fisherman’s suplex from Isaac that Will kicked out of and made his comeback, swinging the momentum with a Backspring Kick that cause Isaac at pinpoint. He kicked out, but Will started pounding away on the prone champ, to which Dale gave Will his second public warning. In the end it seemed that Will cared less about the championship and just wanted to hurt Isaac and this was the best chance he was going to get. Dale protested with Will and said he would disqualify him if the carried on. Will moved Dale aside and hit Quentin with the Super Starr Elbow from the top, to which the bell was rung and the end of the match was called. Will Starr stands disqualified after playing into the champs hands. This means Isaac Quinten III is still the champ and still undefeated. He didn’t even need Marcel to help him, not that he ever did, but this was a great and exciting contest and I feel that if these two clash again under more standard circumstances that Will definitely stands a chance, he’s proven that he could beat you Isaac, and he’s proven he can pin you for 3.
No title change as people wanted but a measure of revenge for Will to finally get his hands on Sir Fancypants.

Then was the interval and the fan access, and what happened next was fantastic. Shiro has another hobby, which is Roller Derby, where he is a ref, and the team that he refs for actually showed up to support him in his match. The response when he came out was unbelievable, those girls just about blew the roof off the Highway Club, which is always fantastic to hear. Mr Richards gets that kind of response, as does Danny O’Neil and Morris. It’s great for the atmosphere and shows just how much support our talent gets. Of course they can be just as loud with the heels too, which is always just as good, to let your emotions out depending on how you feel about a certain person you see in that ring, and that’s what’s great about CPW, we have so many compelling characters that work on everyone’s emotions in different ways, and the best responses come from surprising places. Plenty of that was shown on this night.

Mr Richards Is READY as the CPW Heavyweight Championship title challenger at H5 has been given the “Okay” for the blockbuster match vs champion Tom Lindsay at History 5 on the 7th July. Behind the scenes the worry that Mr Richards would not be medically cleared but despite the sledgehammer assault by Tom Lindsay at the Road To History has not stopped Mr Richards reaching H5. Mr Richards physiotherapist Matt Holden confirmed this telling Katie Smith “I know how much this match means to Mr Richards and I am happy his knees are in sufficient recovery to undertake the match in July. I wish both fighters luck”