Hello once again CPW Galaxy and this is my breakdown of Ruler of the Galaxy. This will be extremely broken down with acquired knowledge for Ruler of the Galaxy. I was mainly in the back conducting interviews and for Tidings I was off with the seasonal flu and didn’t want to spread it to anyone in the locker room, audience or management. That or make an embarrassment of myself in front of the crowd by going into a coughing fit. So I am not able to do a blog for that show. However I will be back for the Bash and want to provide something extra special for the show this time. I shall see you there. In the meantime I want to talk about this show as best as I can.

Ruler of the Galaxy came to us from the Xcel Centre in Canley. A massive 2storey leisure centre with a sports hall that is absolutely perfect for wrestling shows like ours. We have great acoustics, plenty of seat room, great lighting and utilities we can use for more exotic styles of match. Ones even we haven’t tried before. We opened up the show with something a little more serious. All of us in the back came to the ring and lined up around it in silence. Mr Richards got into the ring and addressed the crowd. We were there to pay tribute to referee Dale’s dad who had passed away the day before the show. We gave a 10 bell salute, a minute of silence and a round of applause for the late Mr Richardson. We all left the ring and went to the back afterwards.

Then my music hit and I marched out to the ring and did my intro afterpaying my own tribute. Opening with Sweet Caroline and the crowd warm ups to really get you all into it before the bing sing along. I end edit a burned out and emotional wreck before announcing Caitlyn James who would announce the show.

We opened up with a number one contenders match for the NextGen between Man like DeReiss against Tommbie. This was a knock down drag out and intense match between two very experienced wrestlers. It was close but it ended up with Tommbie winning the match and the number onecontenders spot. I tried to get a word with Tommbie back stage but hejust put his bat Shelley 2 up to his face and laughed maniacally at me. Personally I don’t know how we got him in the interview room. I guess he just wanted to let a feeling of some kind known. I give a lot of credit to DeReiss, he’s been on a great winning streak lately and it’s a shame it’s come to an end, but that won’t be the last we see of him I’m sure.

Next we got the first semi final match of the Galaxy tournament and it was Fifi vs Stevie W. Now on paper this match doesn’t seem all that fair as Stevie doesn’t have the experience, size or power that Fifi does, but he has a lot of heart and a surprising amount of support against a fan favourite like Fifi. The match was short and fast paced. It was going Fifi’s way until Imperial Dragon dashed in out of nowhere and distracted him. This caused Stevie to sneak out the win. Stevie advances in the tournament. Dragon beat on Fifi with the kendo stick and ran for it. For a follow up to this, watch the interviews on theCPW Facebook page. You’ll notice Fifi in a far more emotional state than I have seen him in before. This is of course about pride and dignity and that’s something any one of us can get behind fighting for. On another note I don’t appreciate being manhandled, Dragon. I had a handprint on my chest for days after you shoved me.

Moving on, we had the Murder Squad against Leyton Simms and Morris for the CPW Tag Team Championships. This was another one that was just a brawl with the ever uncertain mental state of Leyton Simms. Morris and Leyton fought valiantly throughout the match, but it just wasn’tenough. Leyton, when the flowers wear off is still tense and dangerous. Morris is a great partner for him as they are both into their bikes and are both sluggers. Evans and Oberman took everything they could handle however and managed to get the win. Still tag team champions for a total of 5 months now. It’s a shame but the Murder Squad shows how they still deserve those belts, being able to take onanyone and beat them when it counts.

To wrap up half one was the second Galaxy Tournament semi final pitted Will Starr against Tom Lindsay. This one was a tough and gruelling match, as well as quite evenly matched. Will managed to get squeezeout the win and advance to the finals to face Stevie W.


The result of the match is somewhat overshadowed by what happened afterwards. Mr Richards came out with a sledgehammer and a suspicious looking flying jacket. Upon getting in the ring and addressing the crowd, as well as Will himself. Upon this he unveiled the new Lineal CPW Heavyweight Championship, in honour to all those who have held CPW in the past, especially since this fiasco with the Beast. Mr Richards told Will that no one else deserved a shot at that new belt than Will, he then proceeded to perform a despicable act of attacking Will with the Sledgehammer, which hurt him so badly that myself and Dominic DeWinter had to go out and help him to the back.


Mr Richards, you know how out of character this is for me, but I have to speak out about your actions this time. You attacked a weakened man with a weapon to the point where he couldn’t even stand. We had to get him to the medic in the back to patch him up as best as they could. The act was disgusting and it put the crowd into a stunned silence… they didn’t know how to think or feel, however, I have the feeling I know why you did it. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to make it easy for Will and I dare say that had it been out of malice, you would have and could have done far worse. But I’ll give you credit that you did this one your own with only one weapon for help. I get the feeling you want to awaken something different in Will. To make him forget that he will be in the ring with a mentor and good friend and ally. He’s in there with one of the most dangerous opponents he could ever imagine. So he’s going to have to bring not only his A game, but his S rank game, that’s one for the nerds. I am hoping that this is the case and Will can bring out  everything he has when he gets his shot at the Lineal title in February.

We took a break and when we came back, and we opened up with a return asDisco Bert took on Isaac Quentin III in one of the most anticipated comebacks in CPW History. The fans have missed Bert and it was great to see him back, and he got a great response from the crowd. Sir Fancypants came out to his usual response of boos, accompanied by some different music this time. Coming out to Beethoven over Mozartthis time (I’m cultured too, Isaac).

The match was fairly even and exactly what you’d expect from 2 big studs like this. A mass brawl. In a very close match as you would guess too, with Isaac’s skill and Bert’s experience. It was all going well for Bert as well for most of the match, but just as he was going infor the kill, Isaac’s knee blew out out he rolled out of the ring,not wanting to fight anymore. He let the count run out and Bert picked up the win. Afterward I got an interview with both men, so check those out for the follow up. I actually agree with Bert with what he’s said. It’s about time that Isaac was put in his place and the only way to do this is to stop him from getting himself counted out or disqualified.

Nextwas the Nextgen championship no 1 contenders match between Alex Conners and Academy Champion George. This is a rematch from Halloween Reload where George got a shock win and Alex was pretty annoyed by it, what would happen this time?

Alex came out with strong offence as is to be expected. Using his strengthand power to work over George. However with the crowd behind him andthat tenacious spirit he’s known for, George managed to sneak out thew in and pin Alex in the centre of the ring again. However while Alexwas out in the middle of the ring, Danny O’Neil came out to try and cash in the Golden Ticket. Alex knocked out George and took out Danny, before dashing with the belt to the back. If you want the follow up, watch the interviews on the Facebook page as always. I’m not impressed by the conduct of you, Alex Conners, I guess you haven’t laid off me so much after all.

Next was the Women’s match. Best 2 out of 3 falls between Natalie Wild,the challenger against the women’s champion Valkyrie Victoria Adams. As I was doing interviews I didn’t see any of this match apart from clips and what I heard. All I know is that it got to 1 all very quickly and ended with Tori finishing Natalie off with a trio of German Suplexes and getting the pin to retain the belt once again.

I really don’t know what to say about this situation now as Natalie,try as she might cannot get past the Valkyrie. No matter what thecircumstances or stipulation, with the fans behind her or not,Natalie just can’t seem to beat Tori. It’s a shame really but it maybe a sign that the tides are changing in CPW, as much as I hate to say it. We’re all still rooting for you Nat, but let’s hope a changeof fortune happens for you again soon. It just seems odd seeing you without that belt.

Next was the final to the CPW Ruler of the Galaxy tournament as Stevie  faced Will Starr. However Dominic came out to announce that the injuries Will sustained cost him his chance to fight for this tournament win opportunity. This meant that Stevie had to fight the wily Tom Lindsay, back again for his chance to win the tournament.However somehow justice prevailed and Stevie W managed to make the most of this chance and beat Tom Lindsay to win the CPW Ruler of the Galaxy Tournament. Dale, Dominic DeWinter, Caitlyn James and myself all got into the ring to celebrate with Steve. We all applauded and the show came to a close. So looking forward to the Xmas Bash, what surprises may come along? We can only look forward with excitement.

The results to Xtreme Tidings are on the Facebook Page, so I shall see you all at the Bash to give you a more definitive talk throughabout that event. I shall see you there.

This is Frankie Summers signing off.


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