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Hello once again CPW Galaxy, It’s now time for the moment I have been wanting to talk about in detail since it happened. After the match between Rene Dupree and Dan Evans, we had the interval and a meet and greet with René. He got a huge amount of business and we raised quite a lot of money from it and raffle tickets for the Clotheslining Cancer appeal, where the prize was a t shirt signed by every one of us who took part in the show. Near the end of the show, Rene was called out and he made the draw for the winner and Morris’ Grandma got the winning ticket, so I give my congrats to her. I forgot to mention it before, but the final total raised as confirmed by Sheriff Eastwood.In the buckets we got £226.80 and with donations, pledges and purchases we got a grant total of £731.80. All for this fantastic campaign. I take my hat off to everyone who donated and took part.

Now I know there was an interval in between, but my match had to follow Rene Dupree. Ihad to get to the entrance early so it wouldn’t be a chore to getthere, like had I done it during interval. The nerves really hit during that wait time. It had never felt more real as right then, I’d had to use the toilet 3 time in the space of an hour before going out due to the nerves. Mr Richards gave me a short sharp pep talk and got my head back in it as Tom made his entrance. He got the crowd riled up with natural ease as he does so effortlessly, he came in, smugged his way around and got in the ring…then came the big moment. Before I got to it I must thank everyone who gave me all of the support they have in the run up, and don’t think that I wasn’t told about this. I found out that numerous people actually contacted management and had said that they thought it was crazy that I be thrown in there with Tom, beings as they know his reputation and what he’s done in the past. But that hammer was banned from ringside this time, it was manoy mano, like the ancient Greeks. One man would prevail.

Now before I start I have to point out about my gear. I got my tights from Decathalon, I liked the neon green bits, they really added to them. My boots are the standard Lonsdale boots you see most wrestlers wear on the indie scene, My tank was also from decathalon, and I got it printed up in the city. There was an issue however, it’s regarding how I look. I decided to have my gut hanging low as had I had the tank tucked in, Iwould have had the shirt riding up, which actually made it look worse than the option I went for. But for next time I promise you I will be in better shape and have my gear fit properly. On the bottom half I think I look fine though which is a plus.

Dominic DeWinter announced me as, “The man everyone loves to listen to. The voice of NextGen Wrestling. The man who pulls no punches on his blog and won’tbe pulling any tonight.


 Then Best of Both Worlds by Van Halen hit, which is my new entrance music I’m going to use for when I get in the ring from now on. I planned it with this song so I can hang out in the back and try and get some build up to my entrance. We managed to get the whole crowd clapping, then when the heavy riff dropped, I burst through the curtain through the smoke and was overwhelmed by the sea of people. That first few seconds felt like an awkward eternity. I’d come out to crickets and noticed a fair few people weren’t actually watching the entrance way, as if they thought I’d chickened out. But thankfully an attractive pair of ladies in the audience turned around, saw me and yelled out when they noticed, which got the whole crowd started. I personally think it took a moment for them to see me in dark attire but once that spark happened, they blew the roof off the place. I gave high fives to everyone who wanted one.

I came to an awkward stop when we got to the side with my fans who were too busyfilming to realise that I was right in front of them. So I awkwardly stood there for a second waiting for a couple of them to five me before I eventually moved on and fived the rest. Some of my friends at the back complained that I blanked them despite being inches away. The reason was the smoke was filling the room, it was a tight squeezeand I didn’t want to trip like most people did. I couldn’t see a thing apart from those who made themselves seen. I did get to everyone and managed to get my entrance in, and got some big cheers getting on the buckles. On the second occasion Tom got in my way but he did eventually step aside which was lucky. Then the music cut, it all went quiet and the action began.

So we squared off and went face to face which got the crowd really going. Then, to get me out of his face, Tom slapped me. I checked to make sure he didn’t make my mouth bleed, and then while he was having a go at the fans, I quickly rolled him up and got a close 2 count. Then I clubbed him and got him to the corner, working away with body shots. First I did a corner to corner whip, followed by a clothesline, then the same,followed by a back splash. I did a run to the other side, signalled for the corner spear and Tom kicked me to stop me in my tracks. Then he took me down with a savage forearm, followed by kicks and strikes.Then he hooked me for a suplex, which after a couple of attempts, Icountered, then went to capitalise and he cut me off with the kneeand went back to work. This time he got me in the corner, choked mewith his foot, and hit 3 running forearms. I was really dazed at thispoint so Tom threw me down and tried to pin me. I managed to kick  out at 2 but he followed up and locked in a reverse chin lock. I struggled a bit before and during this. In the end I clawed my way back up to my feet, hit a few elbows, sent him off and he hit me witha clothesline. He rocked me, but for some reason that just gave me my second wind and awakened that nasty side of me I warned all of you about. I yelled at Tom to try it again. He did and the same result, I told him to try it one more time, and he threw his all into it.

This time I caught the clothesline. Tom looked on in shock as I turned his arm and leveled him with a clothesline of my own. Then I picked him up and did the same again but slower. He hit the deck again. I went for onemore, but he kicked my arm, I took to long. He tried to pull me down to position me for the pumphandle drop, but I broke out, hit the knee and smashed him with a savage DDT. I went for the pin but Tom some how kicked out, so then, with my last gas, it was all or nothing, I called for my finisher. The discus line. I wound it up, bounced off the ropes and missed. Tom shoved me into the ropes, to which I went chest first, knocking the wind out of me and making me step back. Tom got behind me, tripped me, got the roll up and grabbed my tights. Hegot the 3 count. It was over. I couldn’t kick out. I just lay there on all fours with my head in the mat in defeat. Tom gloated while Itold Dominic that Tom grabbed my tights, as backed by a lot of people in the crowd. Some were screaming for the bell to ring again so we could restart and I had another chance to give him a pasting. They said the ref’s decision is final so it didn’t happen.

I stood up and Tom offered the hand of friendship. I went to accept it and he pulled his hand away and walked off, leaving me there in the ring alone with what happened. I apologised to the crowd and said I let them down. Then Dominic requested I speak about this right here, which is exactly what I am doing. Dale then came over to me and said “HeyFrankie.” I looked over and he raised my hand to a big cheer fromthe crowd. It was very nice of Dale to do so, I didn’t deserve it, but I guess I got the moral victory to nearly beating a 2 time former CPW champion. I jumped out of the ring and clapped to the audience who all gave a final big clap before I left.

I left in defeat but I still left on my own to feet with my head held high with therespect of the fans. I have single handedly hushed the doubters thatassumed I’d get torn apart out there (I’m tougher than you think, you know) and the ones who didn’t think I’d be able to make it as a wrestler. It’s early days but it shows that my childhood dreams weren’t so silly after all. I’ve made it a reality and done everything I ever wanted to in the wrestling industry, and a few other dreams too along the way. I’m not going to stop here, I’m going to carry on and take part in Superstars Season 2 and get a sequel to this. I doubt I’ll get to face Tom again and to honest I’d sooner save that for much later on, when I’m in better shape, am much better in the ring and have more moves I can throw at him. There’s some in the Superstars I’d love to get in the ring with and hope that somewhere down the line there will be some arrangement in place that we do get to face each other and see how much we’ve all really learned.

I must once again thank everyone for everything. You made us all feel like heroes and villains. Like something from a comic book. It’s a rush I really want to feel again and it will happen again soon.

For now, on behalf of Mr Richards, Dale and Dominic. Will, Fifi and Tom. As well as John,Lucia, Kilbane, Khash, Harry, Gage, James and Rob this is

Frankie Summers signing off!


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