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Halloween Nightmares 8 Results……

Halloween Nightmares 8 Results CPW Lineal Women’s Championship No1 Contenders Match Natalie Wild def Kat Von Kaige Season 9 Lion’s Golden Ticket Ladder Match Bashby def Taco, Jayrow, Dread Callier and Casey Wild Special Attraction Main Event Tommbie def Gunnarsson Mixed Tag Team Match Batgirl (Shawty) & Robin (Leyton Simms) def Natural Born Killers CPW

The Dale & Nathan Show Episode One

The first episode of the NEW Dale & Nathan show as the preview the upcoming Halloween Nightmares 8 LIVE show and in their inaugural episode they are joined by the Young Lioness Champion Shawty. FOR HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARES 8 TICKETS VISIT – www.bookwhen.com/cpwboxoffice