Halloween Nightmares 8 Results……

Halloween Nightmares 8 Results

CPW Lineal Women’s Championship No1 Contenders Match

Natalie Wild def Kat Von Kaige

Season 9 Lion’s Golden Ticket Ladder Match

Bashby def Taco, Jayrow, Dread Callier and Casey Wild

Special Attraction Main Event

Tommbie def Gunnarsson

Mixed Tag Team Match

Batgirl (Shawty) & Robin (Leyton Simms) def Natural Born Killers

CPW Women’s Division Rankings Match

Alfie def Harley Faith

CPW Tag Team Division

666 Pack def Black Wynter

Danny Doherty def Mr Ace

Match Of The Night

All 3 of our second half matches – The Ladder Match, Natalie Wild vs Kat Von Kaige and the main event Gunnarsson vs Tommbie

Performance Of The Night

Bashby for surviving the brutality of the epic 5 Way Ladder Match

OMG Moment Of The Night

Taco’s insane dive onto Dread through a Ladder

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