Month: March 2020


You will under take a 10 weeks training, 20 sessions and then you get to experience what it is to be a CPW star by performing LIVE in a match against one of the CPW main Roster stars. During the training you will get to experience everything pro wrestling has to offer from match structures

Summers Gazette – #39:

Love Me Love Me Not Greetings beautiful CPW Galaxy darlings (Russell Hardwood gave me that one) Frankie Summers reporting once again with a rundown of the Valentines show we put on in place of one we had to cancel a while back. The school let us set up shop once more and we came at

Summers Gazette – #38

There’s No Stopping Us! Warning, this review contains strong language and adult themes. What’s happenin’ CPW Galaxy? Norwegian Heartthrob edition of Frankie Summers reporting as we came to you with our 3rd 16+ show and we came to you all the way from the 1980s and pretty much the entire decade was covered here. The

Summers Gazette – #37

Night of the Lioness Ladies and gents, Frankie Summers reporting and happy new year to you. Our first show of the year was Night of the Lioness, a show to celebrate the CPW Women’s division by showcasing their talents with most of the ladies in the division having matches on the show with a mix


It’s nearly time for the CPW Superstars Project Season 4 shows and that means the 10 week intense training is almost at a close so for 24 aspiring wrestlers their moment is now just weeks away!! CPW SUPERSTARS PROJECT SEASON 4 NIGHT ONE – SATURDAY 4th MARCH CPW SUPERSTARS PROJECT SEASON 4 NIGHT TWO –


The brand new Axeman Trophy tournaments are like no other as 32 men and 16 women will compete in an FA Cup style competition! No prior matchmaking, 100% random draw so anyone could win! Will there be giant killings? Will there be dream matches? the answers are probably YES, YES and that’s the beauty of


2020 Elimination Show Results ========================== 2020 Elimination Match for the CPW Heavyweight Championship Winner – Cleo CPW Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match 666 Pack def Silk Brothers 2020 Queen Of The Galaxy Tournament Qtr Final Lana Austin def Mia Cortez 2020 Queen Of The Galaxy Tournament Qtr Final Natalie Wild def Hannah Taylor CPW Galaxy