Summers Gazette – #38

There’s No Stopping Us!

Warning, this review contains strong language and adult themes.

What’s happenin’ CPW Galaxy? Norwegian Heartthrob edition of Frankie Summers reporting as we came to you with our 3rd 16+ show and we came to you all the way from the 1980s and pretty much the entire decade was covered here. The wrestling had an 80s feel, the music was all from the 80s and we all paid our tributes to the era with either big hair, music changes, different moves and actions and in some cases a mix of everything. The boys and girls in the back put in so much effort for this, on par with the Halloween Nightmares show for creativity, and it gave me a chance to adopt a different look too. We came to you from Dhillon’s Brewery, the local brewhouse of Coventry and our home of beer, brawling and bloodbaths, especially on this occasion. The show was an 8 match card with tons of grudge matches and scores to be settled. We thoroughly embraced all elements of this show and if I’m honest, I’ll say right now that this was one of my favourite shows I have ever been involved with. The music was popping and people in the audience went all out with their outfits too.

The show was hosted by myself and Leyton Simms who is still out on injury. Leyton had come as a skinhead, in keeping with the Ska/2 tone theme of Team Madness, and my original idea was to come as Roddy Piper but I did not have a kilt so it fell by the wayside, Freddie Mercury was another possibility but I didn’t have the right clothes, so I settled on something where the theme was there even if the look was off, as it was more 50s, but it was the look of a certain 80s New Wave/Synth Pop idol by the name of Morten Harket. The lead singer of the band A-Ha. A few people knew who it was and a few people didn’t but to see the reactions on the faces of the audience when they saw me was unreal. I even got a Morten Harket chant at the end that I am eternally grateful for. Leyton and I led off the show with Lionel Ritchie’s All Night Long, a show I’ve not heard in a long time and one we both managed to pull put the moves to. We called what the people would see as we opened up with the first match. So you don’t need to be Hunting High and Low for hard impact action. Our competitors were saying ‘Take on Me’ and I’ll knock ‘the living daylights’ out of you. Don’t ‘Cry Wolf’, don’t get touchy…something something something, The sun always shines on TV. That was awful, I apologise.

Iron Serb, who was sent by President Tito, not President Gorbachev. Looking into it, I’m surprised it wasn’t President Koliševski as he came later and Tito died at the dawn of the decade, so I’m not sure who to believe, but it’s still not Gorbachev (Nice research there, Gage). I assume it took the memo a long time to get there. Serb came out to the song Instruments of Destruction by the metal band N.R.G. A song most famous for being on the Transformers the Movie Soundtrack from 1986, one of my favourite movies of all time with one of the best soundtracks ever. I could go on forever about that movie so it didn’t bother me too much when Serb grabbed my bandana and yelled that it was President Tito who sent him. His opponent was Mr Ace, a man who wanted to desperately get his hands on Serb after all the trouble he’s caused him. Mr Ace came out in what can only be described as a Karen wig, as he entered to Bad by Michael Jackson which got people’s feet moving.
The two squared off familiarly with shoving and finger-pointing, which quickly devolved into a punch up. Ace scooped Serb with a double leg before Serb fled to the corner and followed with a splash and Serb tried to fire back but Ace saw it coming and hit a shoulder tackle which sent Serb outside. Serb staggered around outside to get his bearings, but Ace pulled tried to pull him back in to be met by a hangman on the ropes, then once back in threw Ace into the corner and slowly picked him apart with a hip toss followed by slow and strong strikes in the corner and on the ground. He attempted a charge in the corner by Ace countered multiple times and jumped him with the cross-body block which got a 2, Serb countered and threw Ace over with a vicious Gut Wrench. Serb went for a lacking cover but Ace kicked out. Serb tried to berate Ace who Hulked up and fired back, with a flurry of strikes, then a big boot, followed by a leg drop which got a 2. Serb reversed a whip and charged but was met by an elbow, but he blocked the counter Cross Body Block into a World’s Strongest which only got him a 2 after pulling Ace up to punish him more. He went to a buckle and took off a pad which he tried to ram Ace into and it didn’t work. Serb was tripped into the exposed buckle and Mr Ace won it. He came out to celebrate with me outside the ring and dance as he was so overjoyed. Serb was in the ring in shock it seems. I refused to help him because I assumed he’s a big boy and can look after himself. It stands to reason to as he seemed to get up just fine. Fine being relative as he threw a tantrum in the middle of the ring before stomping out and screeching like a banshee.
Mr Ace had got his revenge and finally got one up on Serb on his own. A far cry from Let’s Go when Dr Gage and Bashby did all the work, but I feel this isn’t the end between these two and it may just go higher than this.

Next, we moved on to the 4 way match for the Nextgen Heavyweight Championship as James Cross defended against North London’s CJ Carter and The MMS’s Scott Oberman and Team Madness’s Bashby. This was as hectic and fast-paced, as you can imagine it as CJ is a high flying specialist. Bashby focuses on Speed, Oberman can go fast but is mainly and all-rounder and James throws his opponents around with those heavy lifts.

It started with Bashby taking out James Cross with a kick and Oberman charging in to try and jump Bashby but he was met with some kicks to the legs before countering with a big boot. Carter came in and hit Oberman with a big reverse Atomic Drop, followed by a Leaping Neckbreaker. He measured Oberman in the corner and went for 10 punches before being cut off by Cross who was countered and received the same. Bashby came back in and hit CJ with a Double Axe from the top, before going back to work on Overman. Oberman caught the cross body and hit a Snake Eyes on Bashby on the corner, followed by a big short arm Lariat. James Cross was swatted away in between and Oberman hit a Suplex which got a 2 count on Bashby, Bashby got the roll-up but only a 2 after a shoulder tackle, James Cross came in and flattened Oberman and Bashby before eating a Dropkick from Carter. Carter then hit 3 Stinger Splashes on all 3 men, one each. He went for a Scorpion Death Drop in Bashby, then a Double DDT on the other two.

Bashby hit Carter with a superkick from nowhere before going for a cover that was broken up by Oberman, Oberman pulled him up and hit a delayed neckbreaker, but Cross flew in with a Splash, Carter came in and hit James with a reverse atomic drop before going for a Scorpion Death Lock submission move. Carter was forced to break it as Oberman faced off with him and had to fight back. Oberman threw him aside and Bashby flew in with a body press followed by flying fists. This left Cross and Carter who charged and Cross locked in the Cross Face and Carter ended up passing out from the pain. James Cross is still your Nextgen Heavyweight Champion.
Next, we had the 6 person tag team match as Lineal Women’s champ Alfie Rogue joined the Coalition of those two rejects Alex Conners and Rob Conflict as they faced Eli Conners, Kieran Young and Natalie Wild, collectively called the A-Team. Natalie and Alfie are not exactly on good terms as Alfie won the women’s title under questionable circumstances, I say that but as I stated at Night of the Lioness. Multi-person matches are no disqualification, so you could crack someone over the head with a chair repeatedly, then tie them up in it with barbed wire and whack them with another heavy object (something I’m sure I’ve seen done in the past) and it would be 100% within the rules.

The match kicked off with the two ladies charging and smashing each other with forearms, but Alfie took advantage by throwing Nat down by her arm and working on it on the mat. The left hand and arm was the target of Alfie as she smacked her arm onto the mat before stomping on it and trying to demean Natalie, which failed as Nat fought back with a Russian Leg Sweep. Alex Conners was tagged in wearing that ridiculous Ronnie Reagan mask. Kieran Young came to meet Conners in the ring and hit him with a Crane kick which staggered Alex, before charging him in the corner, smashing his head off the corner before whipping him off and hitting a Discus line which got a 2 count. Eli was tagged in and in desperation Alex crawled off and tagged in Rob Conflict who was thrown over the top rope and clotheslined by Eli. Rob tried to outmanoeuvre Eli by leaping over him, but he slowed down and knocked Rob out of midair. Eli hit Rob in the corner but the moment he came out, Rob pulled Eli down by his wig and proceeded to hammer away at him with it, before wearing it for a moment.

Rob tagged in Alex as they double-teamed Eli and a pin attempt got a 2 count. Eli was worse for wear as Alex and Rob tagged in and out smacked him around the ring. Eli countered with appeared to be an Olympic Slam as they struggled to get to their respective corners. Rob and Kieran were tagged in and Kieran tore through both men as Alfie bided her time outside until she jumped in front of her partners, knowing he would be disqualified if he charged her, but it didn’t stop her from smashing him with her forearm which opened up Alex and Rob to attack and double team on Kieran. Kieran tried to take on both but Rob saved his partner and it stopped Kieran in his tracks after it threw him off, to be greeted by an Alex Conners knee which got a 2. Alex was tagged in again and they called for the finish, that stall suplex superkick combo but Kieran countered it and fought off both men with clubbing forearms, followed by a Double DDT. Kieran tagged in Natalie taking out Alfie with a pair of double hammers, then a headlock takedown out of the corner, followed with a couple of running kicks to the head which got a long 2. Alfie countered a suplex attempt into a shoulder breaker which got a 2 for her. Natalie fought back and went for the Koji Breaker but Alfie let go, went to the corner and lined for the spear. Natalie dodged, got the roll-up and got the win for her team.

A slap to the face of the Coalition and the Lineal Women’s champ as the good guys prevail showing that grit and determination can overcome cheating and corruption. It’s sent a message to these three that we won’t stand for their brand of trickery. I hope Natalie and Alfie do face each other down the line and find out which woman is best. The Queen or the Siren to war over that lovely championship belt.

Next, we had our first half main event as the Taker of Souls Tommbie finally got his hands on the big nasty lizard, the psychotic Imperial Dragon in no holds barred and anything goes match with ladders placed around the entire ring with repositories filled with weapons. They now had the chance to go nuts and bludgeon each other brutally.

It opened up with these two monsters trading strikes and shoving each other but this didn’t last long as they immediately went for the weapons. Stepladders were thrown in as they played a game of Duel with them, smashing the ladders together with neither going anywhere until Tommbie got in with a kick and smashed the ladder into Dragon before hitting his head off the ladder on the ground, then using it to club the Dragon into the mat. Tommbie left the ring and got an even bigger ladder and took it to the first weapon store which had a brace of steel chairs which were all lobbed onto Dragon. Tommbie abandoned his wellbeing as he launched himself onto the pile of metal, hitting a Senton splash, then setting a chair in the corner pulling Dragon up, hitting him with a chair and trying to ram him into the chair but Dragon reversed and got a 2. Dragon smashed Tommbie with a chair and ground it into his back before Tommbie was thrown out.

They went over to the stage, next to the announcer’s desk near Conor and Mr Richards as Dragon slammed Tommbie onto that thick wooden stage in amongst the fans. Dragon grabbed the chairs and lobbed them at Tommbie. This was war, both of these men were blinded by rage and didn’t care what happened to the other or anyone in the blast radius. Dragon grabbed the ladder and went to the far side and went to the second weapon store. It had the Kendo Stick and the Barbed Wire bat. The two signature weapons of these two men which is what it would inevitably come down to. Tommbie was up and on his feet as he challenged Dragon to a duel in the clearing at the eastern part of the spectator stand. They swung for each other like the immortals from Highland and Dragon got the better of the exchange and knocked the bat out of his hands, Dragon overswung and let go of the kendo stick nearly fell into the barb wire cross that had been put at ringside. Tommbie was thrown into the pile of steel then slammed onto one of the tables that aren’t like ours that shatter spectacularly on impact, they are thick solid planks on top of steel barrel bases. They aren’t comfy when you casually sit on them, imagine being thrown spine first onto one. Now for the Holy Shit moment. They brawled a bit more at the booth and Tommbie picked up Dragon to go for a Death Valley Driver which he hit onto 4 placed steel chairs in front of the booth and they ended up taking down a line of lights in the process. Both men were worse for wear as they staggered about on the floor, but Tommbie defiantly roared before going for the pin. Dragon kicked out somehow at 2.

Dragon was thrown into the pre-placed ladder at ringside as they followed up trying to throw each other into the barbed wire cross. Tommbie’s face was rubbed into barbed wire covering before Dragon pinned the cross to Tommbie’s back in a horrific display, not before hammering it down with kendo stick. The cross was thrown in the ring, like entropy, like the grim reaper itself, you had the feeling it would be the end of the match. Tommbie, in this time when Dragon was distracted, whacked him with his kendo stick but Dragon countered and threw the prone Tommbie back in.
Dragon hit an over rope Senton onto Tommbie who was on the ladder, followed by an assault with multiple ladders. Then a bit of back and forth as Tommbie went to hit Dragon with the cross but had his face rubbed in it again before following up with a Dragontooth Driver in the middle of the ring. Dragon got desperate and climbed the ladder and went for a high moonsault which missed as he ate the canvas so hard it shook the ring. Tommbie was up and started to kick Dragon in the chest, but Dragon spat in his face in defiance. Dragon went for a kick but it was countered into a Pumphandle Driver which got a 2 count. Dragon was whipped to the ladder in the corner but stopped himself and countered the charge of Tommbie into a back body drop straight into the unshifting ladder. Dragon locked the Full Nelson looking for the Dragon Suplex, it was countered as Tommbie tried to throw Dragon into the ladder again he stopped himself, as did Tommbie on a reversal attempt. In a final burst, Tommbie went for a suplex into the cross, but Dragon broke free, but fort a dropkick into the ladder, ate the Occult Assault which he modified into a slam through the cross which got the 3 count. Tommbie wins the night and proves to be the superior supernatural being in CPW.

This match was horrifying to watch, just to see these two give us what we expected, but was it really what we wanted to see? Just two men tearing each other apart with total disregard for their own bodies. I’ve seen more violent matches in my time. I have seen men be put through a table covered in light tubes. I have seen someone have a dart thrown at them and land an inch from their spine and I’ve seen a man’s head go through a wall with the force it was thrown into it, but I’ve not seen a live match with this much intent on brutality to the other person. I feel had they had access to things like that it wouldn’t have stopped them. The bloodshed was somehow minimal and I am just glad that when the light wire came down that no-one got hurt. This brought us to the interval where we cleaned up all of this destruction left by these two.

Next, we had a grudge match as Kevin Isaac went one on one with Morris. These two have been at each other’s throats for a while. Morris blames the former leader of the G6 for costing him the CPW Lineal Heavyweight title at the Xmas Bash after interfering in the biggest match of his career and his shot at glory. I’ll give it to Kevin that he doesn’t back down from a fight, mainly because he likes to hurt people and this chance would be no exception but would heart and brawn overcome cunning and devious tactics?

Kevin tried to give Morris the slip from the off but Morris saw it coming as he ducked a clothesline after making chase around the ring, following up with a shoulder tackle, then a dropkick to take Kevin off his feet. Kevin got back up but walked into a Sidewalk Slam that got a 2 count. Kevin got to the corner to get some distance but was met with a few chops. Kevin was whipped to the buckle but hopped over the rope, catching Morris and hanging his arm over the rope and got to work on it with an arm wrench and stomps on the mat. Kevin tried to taunt Morris and the crowd while picking him apart. Kevin locked in an armbar but Morris fought out by getting to the rope. Morris was released but Kevin took time out to have a go at the Morris family again which gave Morris time to fight back and go for a BMF drop which was countered once again into the armbar which he hooked in completely this time. Morris desperately tried to fight out and got a foot on the ropes but Kevin would not let go until nearly a 5 count from ref Oddball Eightball.

Kevin stood over Morris and taunted the Morris family again and screamed in Morris’ face as the life seemed to drain from him as he slapped Morris and pulled him up for a cradle piledriver but Morris countered into a back body flip. Morris fought back a dropkick leading to what we thought was the overdriver combo but instead, he lay in with body shots. Morris picked up Kevin and hit him with something we hadn’t seen before, the Gunslinger which got a two but could not follow it up as Kevin fought back and measured for a running knee which was countered into a standing spinebuster which scored another 2. Morris tuned up the band and went for the BMF Drop but Kevin slipped off and out as the fight went outside. They brawled around the ring with Morris on top, as he threw Kevin into the set. Morris jumped back in the ring but Kevin Isaac didn’t jump back in the ring although it seemed he had the chance. He grabbed the mic from me and spoke his mind to Morris claiming he was outsmarted him, but left to fight another day, was it smart, was it cowardice? Either way, Kevin dashed back in the ring as Morris celebrated and hammered on Morris before hitting the Air Raid Crash, a move similar to the BMF drop, he covered Morris for the 3 and it was not counted because the match was over. Leyton and I had to help revive Morris and help him out of the ring in the aftermath. Is this more mind games from the bloodthirsty Isaac or just trying to send a message. This isn’t over between these two and I have the feeling the stakes will only get higher.

Next, it was tag team title time as Russell Hardwood and Will Starr, the Silk Bros took on Dread and Lyon of the 666 Pack. 4 rough and ready guys out there to paste each other, 2 with the gold wanting to keep it and the other two wanting to win their gold back and become 2-time CPW Tag Team Champs.

Will starred against Dread, never one to back down from a fight as they locked up. Will was pushed in the corner but Will powered out, throwing Dread across the ring, They locked up again at lightning pace and the same thing happened. Dread claimed hair pulling which wasn’t true, this caused a Mick Hucknall chant which will never not be hilarious. They locked up a 3rd time and Will put in the headlock. Dread shot him off but Will held on, by the hair this time, and a second time which shows Will is not above fighting dirty now and again either. The headlock was on for a while until Dread got to Lyon who missed the tag but came in anyway, charging past Eightball and racking Will up, who countered with a double Head Scissors/headlock takedown. Lyon was tagged in and also was locked in the headlock, but the fresher man locked the arm in a top wrist lock and Dread came in too and did the same and Will used their strength against them and reversed it, throwing both men over.

Russell came in as they singled out Dread before whipping Lyon into him in the corner, the impact staggered Lyon who walked into a Hardwood Hip Toss, followed by a Monkey Flip on Dread by Will Starr, leading to a pair of atomic drops. The 666 retreated as the crowd heckled them more.
Dread came back in to meet Will, but the crowd wanted some Hardwood and Will obliged. Russell hit Dread with a combo of Arm Drag, Hip Toss and Body Slam, before hitting alternating slams on both members of the 666. Will whipped Lyon into Dread in the corner but he stopped himself. They both walked into Dusty Punches and a Bionic Elbow from both Silk Bros as they 666 retreated again. Lyon taunted Russell who hung his neck on the ropes as Dread attacked from behind. The 666 cut the ring off in half as both men got working in the corner with a running boot from Dread and a flying elbow from Lyon. Will tried to get in while this mugging happened but Eightball stopped him again. Russell was put down for a 2 two before they both worked on him again with strikes on the mat and in the corner. Dread hit an elbow in the corner before a big vertical suplex planted Hardwood in the centre which got another 2. Dread slammed Russell’s face into Lyon’s boots before a bit double suplex but it still couldn’t keep Russell down. Russell was up trying to get the crowd behind him as Lyon whipped him off, but a reversal smashed Lyon into the corner as he walked into a back body drop. Eventually, Will was tagged in who lit up on both 666ers with punches and dropkicks. Will went high and fired up the crowd before hitting a huge crossbody from the top which got a 2 after the save from Lyon.

Dread rolled out of the way as Russell got Lyon from behind and lifted him as Will hit him with a clothesline in a move similar to the Hart Foundation’s Hart Attack. Dread was singled out and they set him up for the Doomsday Device which they hit spectacularly to get the win and retain their tag team titles. The crowd went ballistic after a very pronounced win, but I have the feeling this won’t be the last we see of the 666 in the tag title picture as they will be sniffing around for another chance. It seems Satan’s Layby isn’t that far of a drive from Coventry after all.

Next was the rematch from Night of the Lioness and the most anticipated match on the card as CPW Women’s Champion Lucia Lee defended her Women’s title for the 3rd time against Hannah Taylor. This one came about after the very controversial end to the main event of the last show. What happened, if you didn’t know was Hannah kicked out, right as Dale’s hand was coming down and whether it was just before or just after it hit the mat is up for debate. Dale decided it was a win for Lucia and it caused the brawl between all the women on the card that night and my infamous interview with Hannah where Lucia stormed the set with venom and claws. The stakes were even higher now as this was no Disqualification. This match is free on YouTube so if you didn’t get to the show and don’t have On Demand you need to see this one, my rundown can’t do it justice. (Assuming you are over the age of 16 you bloodthirsty sickos)

Both women started at either end before Lucia charged Hannah and knocked her down with a lunging forearm. Hannah fought back which led to an exchange of strikes between both women, with Lucia getting the better if it, Hannah rolled out, baiting Lucia outside but it didn’t work as she ate the post outside. Within 90 seconds weapons were in play as Lucia grabbed a chair which Hannah grabbed and used first, knocking Lucia down. She could have got an early pin but she wanted to punish the young Lioness for last time. After the chair was set in the corner Lucia stopped herself and attacked Hannah with charges in the opposite corners. Hannah escaped and the battle spilt out again and Hannah Russian Leg Swept Lucia into the side barrier, before throwing Lucia back in and hitting a Suplex for a 2. A chin lock was cranked on and Lucia tried to break out before being knocked down with the shoulder tackle for another 2. Hannah went outside and brought in the pink Kendo stick and didn’t use it instead taunting Lucia and locking the chin lock in again. Lucia fought up again and Lucia reversed a whip and threw Hannah into the corner chair.

Lucia threw Hannah into the chair again and still did not go for the cover, instead, it led to another brawl, showing this really wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about beating the other woman up but Lucia got the upper hand throwing and striking Hannah all over the ring with kicks in the corners. Lucia grabbed the stick and slapped Hannah with the stick twice, spouting some very choice language but at the 3rd swing, Hannah countered into the Pepsi Twist which got a 2. Hannah went to finish with a Pedigree but Lucia fought out and countered with a Sky High style powerbomb which also only got a 2. Hannah got out again as Lucia fired the crowd again before charging for a suicide dive as desperation set in but Hannah caught Lucia on the apron and smashed her with a DDT on the apron. Hannah got the chair which missed, Lucia, countering with a gut kick then the Natural Selection. Lucia went for the Elbow Drop but Hannah dodged as she landed hard on her elbow. Hannah went for the Pedigree but Lucia countered again before setting up for what appeared to be a Twist of Fate on the chair but Hannah slipped out, kicked Lucia and hit the Pedigree onto the chair. Hannah Taylor got the pin and is your new CPW Women’s champion in what was a violent and brutal match and nothing less than what we expected. Lucia pulled Hannah up, gave her the belt and raised her hand before leaving.

So now the Lee era is over, for now, we have the Taylor era to look forward to as this bleach-blonde bruiser has shown she is up to the task and her training by the GYVs in Liverpool has paid off as in a short time she has reached the top of the ladder in CPW and paved her way, but the CPW Women’s division has more competition now than you can shake a stick at, with more being trained in the academy and more on the way to compete in the Queen of the Galaxy 2020 tournament. Hannah, you’re marked now and every woman in CPW past, present and possibly future is gunning for you, so you’ll need to be on top of your game, the Women’s division is becoming rather competitive as of late.

Now for the main event as Tyson T-Bone took on Dan Evans in a rematch from the Xmas Bash where controversially Dan managed to get the win after the far bigger man slapped Dan around the ring for the majority of the match but some quick cheating sealed him the win. Now was the time for a more unhinged environment to throw down in and to hell with the holding back on profanities.

The action started outside as T-Bone rushed to meet Dan outside as he smacked him all around the ring but Dan countered by smashing T-Bone into the sidewall. T-Bone got back into it by throwing Dan into the entranceway before throwing him back in the ring, Dan rolled out the other side but T-Bone pursued him into the crowd, the bell still not rung. I told the fans to keep away and let these guys do it as T-Bone smacked Dan with a drinks tray over by the sound booth, Dan fought back and slammed T-Bone’s head on a table before being hit with a beer barrel. They fought into the clearing as the fans scattered and T-Bone hit Dan with a seat cover as the fans screamed for more. They fought back to the sound booth as Dan was cast into a fan by the pool table and flattened him. I went over to him when I had the chance to make sure we didn’t have any legal trouble. I can confirm he was indeed alive and I just propped him on the stool and told him to wait for medical attention when it was available. Dan was thrown to the side barrier and chopped by T-Bone, twice. Tina of the Cross Section said “Ooh I’d like me some of that” and T-Bone overheard her and said, “Oh would you?” She said yes before pointing at her bottom and saying “right there”. T-Bone was only too willing to oblige. He spanked her and Ricky didn’t want to be left out and T-Bone gave him some too.
During all of this Dan had recovered and smashed T-Bone on the head with the seat cover and threw him back in the ring and the match was finally official. Dan went for T-Bone who threw Dan in the corner before a whip exchange that T-Bone got the better of, flattening Dan with the clothesline. T-Bone followed with a big slam, and a line in the corner before a knee in the corner, followed by a hip attack and a count of 2. T-Bone argued with Dale that it was 3 but it was denied. T-Bone went for the Suplex Tombstone but Dan countered with an enziguiri, then a flurry of dropkicks in the corner which got him a 2. Dan screamed at T-Bone to get up before going for the spear, hitting the post and being planted with a Teardrop Suplex which put both men down, spent out from the street fight they had in the crowd. They punched their way back up and traded huge attacks from both before a big kick followed by a headbutt floored Dan, as T-Bone pulled him up and hit a Slingshot Suplex, a homage to the great Tully Blanchard of NWA fame. It only got a 2 but T-bone lifted Dan onto his shoulders but Dan slipped off and pushed T-Bone into Dale who stopped himself but Dan leapt with another dropkick and caught Dale, knocking him cleanout. I went to check on Dale as the match continued as T-Bone hit a big superkick followed by a DDT which flattened Dan.

He went for the cover but there was no ref to count. T-Bone went to revive him but Dan ballsed T-Bone from behind and called out for Scott Oberman who came out to help, but Bashby came out and pulled down Scott as they fought outside. Scott got in the ring and Bashby chased behind him. Dale got up and called for the bell. It was a DQ finish and as I announced it, T-Bone grabbed the mic and challenged the MMS to a tag team match with Bashby as his partner, a match that will be an absolute Barnstormer that I cannot wait to see. This blood feud between these two big men is far from over.

That’s it then folks as we travel back to the present day and Morten Summers leaves to maybe come back someday. It was a fantastic show and I think we need more themed shows like this one as it allows us to all show our creative sides. For now,

Frankie Summers is signing off I will see you at Love Me Love me Not for some more red hot passionate CPW action.

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