7 Questions Special – Wes Handley

Q.1 Thank you for agreeing to do this interview, You are arguably the greatest fan CPW has ever have. Tell us about how you came to find out about CPW and what was your first experience of a CPW show like?

So a friend of mine was having a boxing match (not my kind of thing to much violence ) . Before it started their was a few wrestling matches ,That was me hooked and never looked back since.

Q2 – You were a huge fan of the Power Couple (Dan Evans & Natalie Wild) what was it about them that you liked most?

I still am and would love to see them back together again and return to CPW , but they have this great chemistry together in and out of the ring . They always kept the fans involved from start to finish .
They have both also be outstanding going on their own separate journeys.

Q.3 – No doubt you are a fan of women’s wrestling who would be your top 5 females that you seen in a CPW ring?

Women’s wrestling has come so far over the last few years and I think we have one of the strongest divisions in the Midlands. My top 5 to have graced to CPW galaxy are :-

1-Natalie wild (who else would I pick as 1)
2-Lana Austin
3-Millie McKenzie
4-Lucia Lee
5-Athena fury

Q4 – The current CPW Lineal Heavyweight Champion Will Starr is the man on top right now, what do you think of Will Starr as a performer and who do you see challenging him over the next year?

Will is an outstanding performer , possibly one of the best on the U.K. indies scene at the min, and now he is teaching what he knows to the next load of superstars as part of the CPW Superstars Project (plug-in their for ya ) . For me the top 3 to challenge him over the next 12 months would be Tom Lindsay, Tommbie and George.

Q.5 – If you could create a History match card from CPW stars past and present what would it be?

Golden ticket Royal Rumble – but must cash in on the same night
Morris vs Mr Richards
G6 vs The Fallen
Lucia vs Millie
Natalie vs Lana
Will vs Disco Bert Fabulous – Title match
MMS vs Jake and Tom – CPW Tag Titles
Dr Gage Vs Leyton Simms – New Blood Title with Bashby as ref.

Q6 -Who do you see will break out in Season 7 and become a huge star from the current CPW rosters?

James Cross – Even at the start when he was training he really had something now we can all see what I can see him being a champion by Xmas

Lucia Lee- already at the top but this young lady still has so much more to bring to the table and I can’t wait to see her grow over the next 12 months . I think she would be a great heel too

Jake Casanova- I’ve always been a massive fan of Jakes . He has been out of the championship picture for a while apart from the fatal 4 at the end of this season. Hopefully he gets more championship opportunities this season and we see him once again as champion.

Q7 – The CPW Galaxy are a crazy bunch and you lead the way tell us about what CPW has done for you socially and also about some of the CPW Galaxy finest members

It’s like another family , we are so close and really look out for each other . The Chicken Club when it started was crazy The ‘originals’ Bushman Martin Kelly and then it grew and grew Paul Jae the whole bush family then Harrison , Lauren , then they split with to the Wolf Pack (laughs) . I’ve made so many new friends through CPW so thank you and all of the Galaxy and may it grow and grow.

The pleasure is all ours, thank you for your time and see you in Season 7.

Yeah, I can’t wait

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