Road to History 2019

Welcome back CPW Galaxy to this final stop on this train service before we get to our Biggest show of the year. That being Road to History. The last NextGen Wrestling show of the current season and it certainly left a wonderful impression among the fans and showed that despite what people say, CPW is always there for its fans and we live to entertain you people and we als show that no matter what happens before the show that may try and derail us, we will always put on a fantastic show to leave you with amazing memories as we did once again with this show. Coming to you once again from the Henley Green Community Centre, we were truly on the Road to History. The road itself Is long and bumpy with no service stops. Also for part of it we were riding in a ramshackle pick up truck mainly used for transporting chickens. I’m giving this rambling opening to set Up for the colossal happening that happened at this show. Your masters of ceremonies this time were myself and Caitlyn James, sharing out our duties as ring announcers as we were both not 100%, we persevered however.

We opened up with the big fan warm up and our rendition of Sweet Caroline. Caitlyn brought lyrics, but all too late due to my throat issue, I realised I cannot sing like Neil Diamond, which was obvious by about line 2. So I’ll do what I normally do and just rally the crowd from now on. It’s a little known fact that I can throw my voice, doing various impressions with singing voices included, but Neil Diamond is not one of them. After that was done we were going to open the show proper as we were interrupted. Dominic Dewinter came out with some unwanted guests. All 6 main members of the G6 came out and swarmed the ring. I didn’t try and resist as I know what they are all capable of and if our CPW Lineal Champion Will Starr couldn’t get by just 4 of them, what chance does a lone ring announcer stand against 7? However, while Dominic was laying down the law, something happened. Some music started playing and a well dressed young woman came out of the curtain and made her way around the ring. She got in with the assistance of the G6.

It was only then that the woman revealed herself as the new general manager of all 3 CPW brands. Katie Smith. That’s right, the head of communications who appears on replies to messages to the stars on social media. She said that she was going to stop the little boys of G6 from doing what they do, as the CPW Galaxy has had quite enough. Then after this, she left the ring, followed by Dominic and 4 members of the G6, leaving Ryan Lance and Kieran Young in the ring. Caitlyn James was tasked With opening the proceedings for match 1. So it was Lance and Young of the G6 against the Team of Dr Gage and Leyton Simms. Team Madness! Team Madness have been building up serious momentum and for a team comprised of a singles specialist and someone who hasn’t been wrestling for long, they have shown great synergy and proven that sometimes heart and teamwork is what you need. The fans have taken such a shine to them and they get a bigger and better response each match. They did their usual thing of going around the ring to hand out flowers, but one audience member caught their eye; in particular. None other than Mrs Lance, that’s Ryan Lance’s mother. As an effort to try and get under Ryan’s skin they started singing to her with a snippet from “It must be love”. This was cut short however when Ryan and Kieran jumped out of the ring to attack them while off guard.

This did not slow down Team Madness for long as they fought back, sending both members of the G6 flying on numerous occasions. They did however manage to get Dr Gage out of the picture to lay the boots in on Leyton Simms, which they did for a significant chunk of the match. Leyton got in an enzuguiri (I finally figured out the spelling) head kick to get some distance and after a mad scramble managed to tag in Gage who was fresh and angry and proceeded to clean house, including taking out Ryan with a devastating aerial clothesline. It seemed to be going their way, until the G6 managed to turn the tides and pick up the win, before being joined by the rest of the pack after the match. G6 once again asserting their dominance with their first ever win in tag team competition, however the team involved didn’t have Will Starr this time. They’re shaping to be a far more dangerous force in all aspects now. They have the numbers and now it seems they don’t need to vastly outnumber whoever they face anymore. I will go more into the numbers game later.

The collective that Team Madness is a part of what they have coined the Lunatic Army, and to be honest, an army is what we need. We have the main members in Simms, Gage and Bashby. Morris, Niall Fairchild and Will Starr all side with them unofficially, as we are all in the same situation, and I know I am not meant to take sides as CPW’s main journalist, but I am just as much against the G6 as anyone else in the CPW Locker Room. They took my Godiva title and tried to silence me, 2 things I cannot let slide, and if Tom Lindsay and Isaac Quentin III can unofficially ally with the G6, then we can unofficially ally with the Lunatic Army. This is war, and war is lengthy and complicated. To stand a chance, the CPW Galaxy needs to unite against this menace that is the G6 and join in the fight against them, even if it turns out I have been standing alone this whole time and need to bring in my own group to stand against them, even if I’m not sure who I can bring in. Next however, moving on we had the second of the QotG tournament Semi final matches as the returning Victoria Adams took on Shauna Shay. This came about after Victoria Adams beat Women’s champion Chantal Jordan by submission in her quarter final match and Shauna getting in it after winning over Nadia Sapphire, with a little help from Lucia Lee. This was a rematch that the girls had earlier on in the year after Shauna unsuccessfully tried to win the Women’s title from Tori, but it didn’t work on that occasion. Could she get redemption by winning and going to the final to face Natalie Wild? This time it did not go to plan for Shauna as we saw a far more aggressive side to Tori who said she had gone away to clear her head and dispel her demons.

It seems that she has them working for her as she tore through Shauna and beat her once again. Of course a valiant effort was put up by Shauna, but Tori has come back and she is back to her winning ways which is what she promised. Tori, in her short time in CPW was the most dominant force in the Women’s division and she doesn’t appear to have lost a step. She may have lost and left us in a state she needed time to get out of, but she has proved why she was known as the Valkyrie. A demi god like force that sweeps through the division. Natalie will have to be careful going into History as they duel over the yet to be unveiled CPW Lineal Women’s championship. Next we had the Fatal Four way match for the Nextgen championship as Russell Hardwood, Jake Casanova and Imperial Dragon were challengers against eachother as well as the taker of souls, the Nextgen Heavyweight Champion, Tommbie. This came about to raise the stakes going into History and potentially change who Fifi would face going into History when he returns. If he were to win here, it could have been any one of the three as his opponent. Jake Casanova and Imperial Dragon have been howling for eachother’s blood for the past few months, when it was discovered that at New Blood, Jake found out it was Imperial Dragon that attacked him from behind which resulted in him needing surgery, adding more fuel to the fire, after Dragon was cost his match with me and in turn his championship. This could easily have been a singles match as well, but Dragon was annoyed at not getting his return title match for the Godiva championship, so it was upgraded to a shot at the Nextgen belt. However both men wanted a piece of eachother so Jake was signed to the match too.

Tommbie will take on all comers and we’ve seen that. He doesn’t care if it’s 1 v 1, 1 v 2, or 4 v All. He’s done it all before and you can usually expect a win. Russell was thrown in however for getting a rare win over Tommbie at Destination History, under some quite controversial circumstances regarding the baby oil that Russell soaks himself in. I got to experience that first hand that show and at this show too as he sprayed the top of my head with it. Thanks a lot Russell, my hat had to be dry cleaned for that. Jake came in, and we all danced to his entrance music. Dale needed some help out there so I joined in with the dance. Imperial Dragon was of course not impressed when he came in, the crowd booing and heckling him as they normally do. When he got in the ring he set on me again at the earliest convenience, but this time I showed no fear and pushed him straight off. Dale, Russell and Jake immediately piled in to get him off me which was a good thing it seems. Tommbie came in next, a house of fire as he tore around the ring to face off with his 3 challengers. The match was all our war, 4 larger framed guys who all favourite strikes, have tons of experience and like to play rough. There was power, heavy hits, high flying, risk taking and just about everything else you want to see in a match of this calibre. It’s another one I highly recommend you chase down on the CPW On Demand Patreon page as I cannot put into words the magnitude of this match. However the end of the match was somewhat controversial. Jake and Tommbie both got a cover at the same time over Russell and Dragon respectively.

Dale had no choice but to count both men’s shoulders to the mat for 3. After some confusion and tug of war with the belt, Dale decided to rule the match as a no contest draw. This meant that Tommbie was still Nextgen champion. However, all was not done as General Manager Katie Smith came out to declare that this match was going to happen once again at History, and once again with the Nextgen belt on the line. Winner takes all, no excuses, but in place of Russell Hardwood, we shall have the returning Fifi. Let’s see if the Queen of the Jungle has her head screwed on just right to take up this mighty challenge. So to close the first half we had the ‘Lady’ Sarah Skylark, Luna Rox and Lucia Lee all challenging Chantal Jordan for the CPW women’s championship. Chantal has been showing why she is known as the Bad Girl, mowing her way through multiple opponents in the past and even took on and beat 4 time former CPW women’s champion Lizzy Styles in quick fashion. This would be a stern test however. Lucia has been in the ring with Chantal before and they have wanted to wrestle solo ever since, however that would have to wait. Luna Rox has had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at Glory in CPW, losing her debut match to Tori Adams and losing to Lucia Lee at New Blood in a very exciting contest. Of course, Lucia’s success so far is what has landed her this title shot as she impresses CPW management more and more each time. She is, as I’ve said before, CPW’s fastest rising star. She always comes up with a move you’ve not seen her do before, usually it’s some kind of tricky aerial move. She has done a Super Star Elbow from the top of Dr Gage’s shoulders. She has done a Frankensteiner in the corner and from standing, what would it be next? Sarah Skylark is the wild card here. She is tall and imposing and has a mean streak. She’s from the Leicestershire countryside and doesn’t like to associate with city folk, so she’s taken an instant dislike to the CPW Galaxy.

This match was knock down and drag out, we saw great offence from all four women, but the biggest shock of the match was when Lucia pulled it out again by going for Old School, that’s the walk on the ropes, before leaping off with the flying head scissors from the top rope, taking out 2 of the others in the process. The turning point came when CPW GM Katie Smith came out to watch the proceedings as Chantal went for an Old School of her own. Katie jumped on the apron and knocked Chantal off the rope which enabled Sarah Skylark to pick up the 3 count and in her first appearance win the CPW women’s championship. In short the fans did not like this decision for a number of reasons. One of course, being clearly obvious. That was the fact that another member of CPW management, who has just made herself public has resorted to cheating and corruption. Also the fact a newcomer who was bad news before she came along has won the CPW Women’s title. It was a downer for the fans as they wanted Chantal to retain or for Lucia Lee to have her star moment. However this has lead onto the match scheduled for History 6.

That will be a best 2 out of 3 falls for the CPW Women’s championship, which should be the ultimate test for both of these young ladies. We cannot wait for that one. Next, after the interval we opened up with an explosive tag team contest as The Wasp Tom Lindsay teamed up with the Golden Standard Isaac Quentin III to take on the new team of the Natural, Niall Fairchild and the leader of the NBO, Morris. This match came about after Niall and Morris collared Dominic Dewinter, demanding a match for this show. While quaking in his fine Italian dress shoes, he gave these men what they wanted. Morris was attacked by Isaac Quentin before and Isaac has done some very dirty and underhanded things in the past few months, including attacking Morris’ father. Since then, Morris has been getting more desperate to get his hands on the smartest man in wrestling. The challenge has been set for History for a while now, for Morris to take on Isaac for his Golden Ticket briefcase. Isaac has said that he wanted to bring the fight out of Morris and this time was the first chance to get their hands on eachother. Tom Lindsay took out Niall Fairchild which resulted in his year long absence from CPW, so this was his chance to get some vengeance and retribution over what happened. The sad state of affairs, that the team of Quentin and Lindsay used their dirty underhanded tactics to get the better of this team. Lindsay has once again got one up on Fairchild; Quentin, has done the same thing to Morris, as well. However this has lead CPW management to take some action. Morris has got his shot at the Golden Ticket and Isaac Quentin III at History, but as a result of the actions during this match, Niall Fairchild gets a shot at the CPW Heavyweight championship against Kevin Isaac. However, he is not alone, Tom Lindsay as you will remember, in the match of the year at the main event of History V lost the belt to Mr Richards in a titanic no holds barred spectacular. Tom is still entitled to his contractual rematch and to this point still has not had it, so this was the time for him to get it.

Now it’s a 3 way match with all 3 men just as viable to be champion, but this makes the odds pretty bad for Niall as the leader of the G6, Kevin Isaac who is fast becoming one of the most dangerous wrestlers in CPW and Tom Lindsay who has allied himself with the G6 in a way. This means it’s pretty much two on one and I don’t like his chances, but The Natural is bigger and hardier than most people. He won’t make it easy for anyone. Next was a match that I was personally quite invested in as it involved the CPW Godiva Championship; the belt that I lost to George at the hands of the G6. I wanted nothing more than for Bashby to win the belt and bring it home to the side of good. It was a fast paced, close and exciting match as is expected of these two. They have had many wars over the past year, facing eachother no less than on 5 different occasions; usually over championships. It was a classic mix of brawling, risk taking and strikes that both are known for, along with the classical technical wrestling both are talented at. I tried to rally the crowd behind Bashby and it worked as it kept him in it. However the numbers took advantage once again as George managed to pick up the win again with an assist from the G6 as they all came out to celebrate afterwards. Keeping 2 of the belts in the camp of the G6 quite firmly it seems. However the next match would determine whether their leader would be going into History as CPW Champion or not.

The next contest was the CPW championship match between Kevin Isaac and the challenger Morgan Black. It was meant to be a Triple Threat match with Jay J Roberts, but he was unable to attend the show. This increased the chances of Morgan winning quite significantly. This match came about because Kevin Isaac wanted to show that he is indeed a fighting champion and not just a corporate stooge who cheaped his way to a championship with the help of his goon squad. Morgan as I’ve said before was a mainstay in CPW who always turns in a great showing regardless of his opponent. Could he pimpslap that CPW title away from the G6 or would it be the Judas of CPW showing his true colours again? Again this match was close and evenly matched. Kevin used some questionable tactics throughout the match. Some I’m sure he would say were tactical and defensive. However despite this the match was tense and exciting, bringing some hope we may take some power back from the G6 with Morgan’s all round mix of power, agility and striking. However Kevin weathered the storm and managed to overcome Morgan and retain that championship. Kevin coveted his championship afterwards before heading to the back. The situation does seem a little grim in terms of the championship situation as all who have stood against them. So we need to rethink our strategy on how to stop these guys, but we cannot do it alone. Kevin is a fantastic wrester, he has trained with many people over numerous years of wrestling. It’s a shame to realise his potential that he has had to turn to the dark side in this way, because he felt soured by some of the fans. I guess they have made their decision now.

Last match of the night was out main event. The loser leaves match between Alex Conners and Eli Conners. No rules, anything goes, first pin or submission wins. Alex came out and was unhappy about the whole situation, grabbed my microphone and yelled out for Eli, and that he wanted the match to be no holds barred. This was agreed and Eli came out to a big applause from the crowd. I didn’t know what we would see, but I knew it would be something extraordinary. It started off with a brawl that immediately spilled to the outside where I had to keep the crowd away for their own safety, Alex was thrown into a wall through chairs, suplexed on the floor and smashed onto the ring apron, before being thrown in. Alex got a cheap shot in after Eli tried to finish it early and yelled to the back for help. Shock of all shows, John Eastwood came out of the curtain to help Alex get back into it. He was abruptly cut off by Eli while Alex regained his composure. This gave him enough time to do just that and get a few more shots on Eli. He called for John again, but suddenly another surprise came through the curtain. Oddball Eightball who we haven’t seen since Superstars 2 in March. He came out like Theresa May on a sugar high chasing after Eastwood who ran off in terror, like being stalked by a horror movie slasher. It scared him so much he slipped over some bottles that had been left by the front row, which lead to him being dragged around the ring and to the backstage area. This evened the playing field once more as the two men could fight on an even keel. However Alex got frustrated at his inability to put Eli away and he jumped outside to grab the metal bucket he brought in with him. I tried to stop him by grabbing the bucket off him. He shoved me and yelled at me and took the bucket back.

I wasn’t pleased by this, and as it was no DQ I had just as much right to interject myself as anyone else. I threw off my hat and threw it to front row before leaping in the ring. Alex measured up Eli but I grabbed the bucket. Alex turned round in shock as I yelled a certain something that I can’t really type here and gave him the middle finger before sliding out of the ring again. Eli got the upper hand until both men went down after a big collision. Lastly George came out with a baking tray and smashed both men with it, hitting Eli directly on top of the head. Both men were down, but Alex called for the end and pulled Eli up for the Pitchfork Driver, however Eli reversed it and hit his own Pitchfork Driver and pinned Alex for the win.

The crowd went no less than ballistic, as I jumped into the ring to celebrate with Eli. A chant of “Na na na na” rang out throughout the Henley Green community centre as Alex was laid out in the middle of the ring with the hammering of the fans on the side of the ring. Alex left the ring distraught and enraged as a chant of CPW filled the room and it came alive one last time. As the fans had just witnessed one of the best matches of the entire season. Eli stays and is a hero of the people, Alex Conners goes back to Mudlick, Kentucky. But what will he do while he’s out there? Will he convince the county fair organisers to let him back into their circle? Anyhow, this was the end of the show. Just a prelude, a prologue if you will to what we have lined up for History 6. I cannot wait for this show as it is my first History where I am an active member of the roster, not an interviewer, not a writer, not the person taking notes to relay later. I’m there as a full fledged member of CPW New Blood, as are all of the superstars trainees and we will have old favourites, mainstays and of course our honoured guests; the fantastic Hunter Brothers and the ever accomplished Rene Dupree fighting over Championships.

We have every belt on the line, we will crown the Queen of the Galaxy and the Golden Ticket winner will be decided. I said this before and keep saying it, this show will be straospheric, we will see you all on 29 th June at the Henley Green Community Centre for History VI!

This Frankie Summers Signing Off

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