History 8 Results

CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship – Mr Richards def Cleo

CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship – Cleo def Dale Richardson

CPW Lineal Women’s Championship – Ladder Match Harley Harris def Alfie & Chantal Jordan

CPW Heavyweight Championship – Alex Conners def Leyton Simms

CPW Women’s Championship – Kat Von Kaige def Shawty

CPW New Blood Wrestling & NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Unification Match – Niall Fairchild def Jimmy Vice

CPW Galaxy Championship – Emma & James Cross def Kiara & Man Like Dereiss

CPW Tag Team Championship – CI CI CI def 666 Pack

Singles – Will Starr def Bashby

CPW Icon vs CPW Icon Destroyer – Dan Evans def Morris

Match Of The Night – Harley Harris, Alfie and Chantal Jordan’s Ladder Match was simply show stopping!

Performance Of The Night – Alfie who put her body on the line in the pursuit of glory 👊🏾 also Dale Richardson who stepped in to a tough position and gave everything for the CPW Galaxy in the main event against Cleo, Dale is truly is the heartbeat of CPW.

OMG Moment Of The Night – Harley Harris’ breath taking splash off a ladder which then crashed Alfie through another ladder 😮😮

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