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NextGen Wrestling Moonlight will be LIVE on PPV this Wednesday…..

CPW’s yellow brand returns with the 11th episode of NextGen Wrestling Moonlight.What will the fall out be from the Xmas Tidings 2020 PPV? One thing we do know is that the new CPW Heavyweight Champion Alex Conners will be a hosting Thanksgiving to the Coalition celebration! CPW stars like Will Starr, Tommbie, Morris and Jimmy


NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Championship FIFI def James Cross CPW Galaxy Championship Eli Conners def Alex Conners Jimmy Vice & Alfie Rogue def Lucia Lee & Will Starr Tommbie & Imperial Dragon def 666 Pack Shauna Shay def Harley Harris George def Morris Mr Ace & Team Madness def Dingo, Zak Northern, Jordan Blaze and Iron


Tickets are now available at the CPW BOX OFFICE  for the return of CPW legend and the pioneer of the CPW Women’s division Lizzy Styles!! It’s been 3 seasons since we have witnessed the CPW Hall Of Famer in our ring but the wait is almost over as Lizzy returns to face old foe and

Frankie Summers – Blog #12

  Halloween Reload Frankie Summers reporting once again and this time it’s for the Halloween edition of NextGen Wrestling. Originally it wasn’t going to be a Halloween show, but due to popular demand we made it so. Reload is also the first episode of NextGen for Season 6, so now CPW is officially in full


  Beerfoam Aftermath So since the events of the Morris show as I will call it, there has been some conflict. On social media I have observed the gripes of some of the in and out of ring talent, regarding the current situation with the championships, match decisions and a boat load of other things.


  RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW Over the course of 8 weeks training starting in september 2018 you will enter the world of professional wrestling learning everything to perform on THE CPW SUPERSTARS LIVE EVENT IN NOVEMBER 2018 from cutting a promo, to your ring music and match finishing move will all be crafted ready for