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Night Of The Lioness Results

SATURDAY 25TH JANUARY CPW Lineal Women’s ChampionshipAlfie Rogue def Natalie Wild, Sarah Skylark and Lacie Adams CPW Lineal Women’s Championship No1 Contenders Street Fight MatchShauna Shay def Harley Harris CPW Women’s DivisionLuna Rox def Kiara CPW Tag Team ChampionshipsCleo def George Lydon, Imperial Dragon and AC Striker NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Championship No1 Contenders MatchBashby def

Halloween Nightmares Results! New Champions crowned….

On the eve of the clocks going back CPW Primetime Wrestling hosted Halloween Nightmares and what a night of trick or treating it was!!! The show brought to a close 8 straight weeks of CPW shows for all of us at CPW so thank you to all of our staff for their sacrifices and hard

Big Drama Show Results

CPW New Blood Wrestling Heavyweight Championship – Death Row Match JJ Roberts def Morris, Drake Wynter, Jordan Blaze, Dingo & Bashby CPW Women’s Championship Lucia Lee def Alfie Rogue CPW Heavyweight Championship No1 Contenders Match Jimmy Vice def Jake Casanova CPW Tag Team Championship No1 Contenders Match Imperial Dragon & Tommbie def Iron Serb &


CPW Godiva Championship Eli Conners def George Team Madness def 666 Pack & Iron Serb Shauna Shay & Lucia Lee def Luna Rox & Alfie Rogue Tommbie & FIFI def G6 Will Starr def James Cross Jordan Blaze def Morris and Imperial Dragon ===================================== Match Of The Afternoon Tommbie & FIFI vs G6 Performance Of

CPW Presents – Road To History 5 – Results

It was a night that will never be forgotten as The Road To History threw up a night of true chaos! Big thank you to the CPW Galaxy for your noise, all of our staff and talent roster for what you do. Road To History Results =================== CPW Women’s Championship Natalie Wild def Shauna Shay

NextGen Wrestling LIVE – Destination History – Results

CPW Tag Team Championship H5 Qualifier Rainbow Boys def Bashby Brothers CPW Tag Team Championship H5 Qualifier The Bank Job def Jake Casanova & Eli Conners Alex Conners def Will Starr Issac Quinten III def Justin Joy Iron Serb def Morris TJ Sky def Shaun Ruben Danny O’Neil def The Beast by DQ ================================= Match

Adrenaline 2018 – Results

There are no words… What and epic and fun night Adrenaline 2018 was!!! Big thank you to the CPW Galaxy you astound us every single show you really are the best also thank you to our talent and staff. Adrenaline 2018 Results ==================== Death Row Chamber Match for the 2018 Golden Ticket Danny O’Neil survived

NextGen Wrestling LIVE – February 2018 – Results

CPW Tag Team Championships West & Joy def Antony Mafia & The Iron Serb NextGen Triple Threat Championship FIFI def Tom Lindsay and The Beast The Power Couple def Will Starr & Lucy Sky Issac Quinten III def Niall Fairchild Alex Conners def Danny O’Neil Leyton Simms def Morris Bashby Brothers def Morgan Black & The Crow ======================================