Night of the Show

Hello again CPW Galaxy, now last time I presented about the people involved in the Superstars Show and their reasons to fight, and they were various, so now onto the show itself. I will also cover some bits that I never talked about before.

First off  is the venue, the Henley Green Community Centre. This is a venue I really like. The room has a nice capacity limit, it’s a nice temperature, cosy environment, great acoustics, and just feels right.

We have held shows there before and people really seem to enjoy the shows we do there. On a personal note it’s one of my favourite CPW venues nextto the Highway Club. I must thank everyone who turned up for coming.There was just something so special about coming out to my match and seeing a sea of people there to greet me. I must also apologise to everyone who attended for the late start to the show, I know some of you came from far a  field and others had to leave at a certain time to get buses and such, but we had a logistics issue due to the sheer turnout. We could not have anticipated how many people would come to our show, if you include people who came on the night,the CPW Galaxy and pre-booked guests there were over 200 people in that room with not enough seating for all, and I must thank those who had the stamina and were ok to stand for the entire 3 hour show.

Before the show the superstars all got some last minute training in. But also some of our opponents got some main roster talent in with former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree for his own seminar. Even watching from the outside I still learned a lot from it and saw some things you just don’t see in wrestling today, certain moves and techniques that are really effective, but just fell by the wayside. It was nice to see,and a bit awe inspiring just to see how good Rene really is and how he’s only improved over time, showing that even when you get to the top, you don’t ever stop. Better the main talents than me as they were all exhausted by the end. Rene worked them to the bone. It was quite the honour to share the show with such a legendary talent.

The atmosphere in the back was tense. All of us superstar trainees were all quite nervous. I was fine for the most part, but I’ll get to that. Dominic DeWinter was the master of ceremonies for this show, resuming his old role before Caitlyn James and myself started announcing more shows. He really got the crowd in the right mood. Please forgive me for this but I don’t know much about what happened out there as I didn’t see much of the show, so I can’t give a concise breakdown. However from what I heard and things people have told me I can summarise. First we opened with a match with 2 of CPW’s best, Craig West facing off against Tommbie.

Tommbie got the win, but from what I heard it was an exciting and tense match and really got the crowd into it with a fantastic showing from both, asthey always do. It’s great to see these guys back in CPW on the regular, as they are great and sometimes underappreciated talents,with great history in this promotion.

Craig was coholder of the Tag Team championship for nearly 6 months, and Tommbie competed in the Ruler of the Galaxy tournament recently. A great choice to open the show with. Now the charity tie in with this show was run by the CPW Superstar in the first match, John Eastwood, with a link to Cancer Research UK. The campaign was called clothesliningcancer. Which is what we hope our funds raised will help towards. This was a very back and forth physical match. John the whole timetrying to wrangle the wily outlaw that is Alex Conners. John showssome impressive feats of agility and strength with his fisherman’s suplex, and with the unaided nip up that most men his size would not be able to do. I know I can’t do one even with rope assistance(yet). He tried to lock in the sleeperhold but couldn’t manage it.Alex Conners picked up the win, which brings this 10 year crusade toa sad ending. But rumours are that John is sticking around as he’s not going to let this bounty get away. He did try to make the arrest, but Alex got away, saying “bother this nonsense” and ran off. Even if the statute runs out he has to make the hunt worth it, evenif it means the Hillbillies are just put on ice for a while. Shameabout the result but a match that Management liked so much that theynamed it their match of the night. So good show John, well deserved to do so well against that loudmouthed corn ball on your first try.

Next was Khash Knight against Leyton Simms. Leyton has been on at Khash sincehe started attending shows, from about the time he started competingin the CPW ring. Leyton is normally quite docile now if allowed tokeep his flowers. Now on this occasion, after he found out he wasfacing Khash, Leyton threw the flowers away, stopped attendingtherapy and embraced his angry side. This meant Khash had to bringhis A-Game. His daughter Lara-Faith accompanied him to the ring andgot one of the biggest cheers of the night after getting on theturnbuckle. Now Leyton is bigger and stronger than Khash, so he had to get around him with speed and tenacity, and for the most part itworked.

He hit the running cross body press and the Lou Thesz press which caught Leytonoff guard, but only made him angrier. Despite his best effort Leytonhis the Jailbreaker and the match was over, but Khash got a great response from the crowd for his effort. It’s fantastic how against all odds, leaving it for a few years longer than most, to come in andkeep up with the Hooligan is just fantastic. He and Lara we recommended for a great showing out there.

Next was the ladies match. Lucia against Victoria Adams in a non-title match. I know Tori got a title shot on her first appearance, but Tori was already established around this region, known particularly in PhoenixWrestling who are dear and valued associates of ours. Lucia however was an absolute beginner, but she’s a CPW original like the rest ofus, and with all that Tori has done since arriving in CPW, you may think her crazy, but from her training she was more than up to the task. I know it is the question on everyone’s mind so I am going toraise this. Lucia’s outfit. The reason she went for that particulargear to wrestle in was as a nod to Kimberley Benson, known as Viper,a female wrestler known for surprising everyone despite expectations. She’s a star in ICW, Defiant and World of Sport, and has wrestled all over the world. She wrestles in a bodice style outfit with fishnets as well. I apologise if people saw more than they shouldhave or felt comfortable with, wardrobe malfunctions and minorincidents happen in wrestling all of the time, even I’ve beensubject to it with my suit. That aside Lucia showed what Will’s training can really do, showing as much technical skill as any beginner that you could ask. 

Lucia’sprevious experience in dance and athletics have made her flexible andgreat with chain moves and locking in submissions, and she used thatto her advantage. Tori gave her a beating, but she kept firing back,and even beating her to the punch with some quick takedowns. In the end, after sheer desperation, Lucia channelled her inner Danny O’Neiland hit her own double arm DDT. This may have ended it, but insteadof going for the cover, Lucia did the unthinkable. She went on theapron and up to the top rope. Luckily the DDT had knocked out Tori tothe point she was not going anywhere. Lucia threw a top rope elbow,this time channelling her inner Will Starr, dropping it squarelyacross Tori Adams’ chest and pinning her for a solid 3 count.Handing Tori her first ever defeat in CPW, and it was by the hands ofa newcomer. This bodes very well for Lucia, she about had the bestwin of the night and I feel she can go a long way. If she can gain some more confidence in ring I think she will go far in CPW. Great victory for Lucia and a great match all round.

Next was the3 on 2 tag team match between Kilbane Michaels with Hey Ho Steve-O asthey took on the Merseyside Murder Squad, Dan Evans and ScottOberman. Now this match was put together after what happened atBetrayal, with Kilbane stepping in there to defend his honour afterthe MMS did not take kindly to Kilbane’s cheery demeanour. Stevie W and George didn’t take kindly to this action by the MMS either so they stepped in to help. Hey Ho Steve-O have beaten the MMS beforebut in surprising fashion. Kilbane was putting himself in the firingline of a team hell bent on vengeance. Kilbane was not deterred though and I give him all the credit in the world for getting in thering these 2 angry vets.

It must be mentioned that I wasn’t around for any of this match and haven’t seen much in the way of footage, but I had to head out from backstage for a moment and I heard the reaction that Stevie W got. The girls in that crowd were going nothing short of absolutely wild. I could tell it was him as I can tell his music from a mile away. From what I heard the Murder Squad got off to a slow start, being beaten around by Hey Ho Steve-O. The usual theatrics that in the end the Murder Squad got shown up a bit again, but in the end they struckback with a vengeance. That’s when they got the tag to Kilbane who came in and cleaned house. He took down Scott and Dan a couple oftimes with clotheslines, slams and suplexes, however he got cut off,then it turned into a 5 man brawl, the MMS getting the better of it,and after getting the decision they kept beating on all 3 of them.Kilbane managed to roll out and get to the back, but George and Steve took a beating. Before Dan got the pin, to win. It may seem like Kilbane was running away, but that wasn’t the case, he went to get help. He couldn’t have got any better help than who he got.

Dominic got on the mic and yelled at the MMS, to make them stop. They eventuallydid, but the damage had been done. We get It Dan and Scott, we allget it. You got your retribution after being humiliated by theunlikely team of lucky newcomers. Now you have to beat them up in front of the family of a CPW Superstar making their debut…you keep sinking lower every week boys, it has to be said. Once Dominic has made his voice heard, he gave us the break down. How the man coming out to sort this all out, has a singles victory over John Cena of all people. That’s no small achievement considering his track record.It was none other than Former WWE Superstar himself Rene Dupree! Hecame out, he took out Scott Oberman, and proceeded to get to work on Dan Evans. I will give credit to Dan for taking on Rene after already having wrestled. Rene was chewing on Dan for longer than you may suspect. He still didn’t have enough as Rene’s power, size andstrength, as well as freshness were far too much for Dan to overcome, Rene put both members of the MMS in their place and rightly so. It’squite satisfying seeing Dan get beat up by people much bigger than he is, it was Rene Dupree this time and back in February it was NickAldis. Yet I doubt they will learn their lesson once again. But itshows what being a nice, friendly and outgoing as Kilbane is, it gets people to like you for your personality, and he must have made apositive impression with Rene, as you can’t get much better for anassist.

I must let it be known that Kilbane, or the ‘Tango Man’ as he’s known, has not had an easy time of this. He has conditions that do affect his daily life, and as a result he was extremely nervous about this first match. Having to face Dan Evans and Scott Oberman In your first match, anyone would be. But on a personal note, I just want tosay, Kilbane, a great big personal well done to you from myself. You’ve overcome so much to get to where you are today. All the CPWsuperstars, the trainers and the CPW management are all very proud of you. As well as George and Steve. Fantastic effort all round and we all hope you stay on.

Next was the interval and the fan access that was a smashing success. Paying a small fee for an in ring photo with Rene. Had I been in the crowd I would have instantly gone up there. During this as we needed extra time, John Eastwood dashed out and spoke with Dominic to advertise the heart of this project. The Clotheslining Cancer charity appeal linked to this event. During the seminars and the prep for the show, John got a signature from every single person involved with the show, including the established stars, us, the superstars, management, and even a couple of people who got involved with the show who are known on the scene but didn’t compete.

All of them threw their signature on that shirt, including myself. This was going to be a unique item. Some of those signatures will never be seen in the same place at the same time again. Of course the drawing for the shirt happened later. That will be detailed later.

Now onto part 2, and the next match…I’m going to also come back to it later as it’s one that I’ll definitely be able to elaborate onthat one. So after that we have a match between Harry Taylor and Morris. On paper with how Morris has been performing you’d think this match would be a white wash, but just you wait and see. Harry has been shooting his mouth off a lot on social media and has shown a fair amount of disrespect that has rubbed a few people up the wrong way and Morris came in to put a stop to it.

Harry cameout and immediately had the crowd against him, insulting the fans as much as they were insulting him too. He also decided to insult Morris as well, but that quickly backfired as it devolved into a brawl, andwhen you get into a brawl with Morris, you will most likely lose. However despite the beating Harry held in there, overcame his fearand managed to cut Morris off a few times, but it still wasn’tenough, so he had to resort to cheating. He hit the low blow behind Dale’s back, hit the cutter and the match was over. The crowd were furious. Harry cheated and won, and got away with it. I mean I do give him credit for the win as Morris has been extremely difficult to defeat since History, so I take my hat off to him for that.

Next was a match where the beef was kind of personal. Rob Conflict stepping inagainst Jake Casanova. Jake dances as we all know. Rob took exceptionto this and proclaimed Jake to be all style and no substance,naturally Jake took exception to this. I don’t know if maybe Jaketook Rob a bit too lightly in this instance. I mean he did get the better of him on a few occasions, but Rob always managed to get acheap shot in, or cut Jake off when he got a flow going. Rob had a goat one fan in particular who wouldn’t stop cheering him, we suspectshe may have been linked to him in some way but he still didn’tenjoy this. From how he has acted I’m surprised he has any kind ofresponse from the fans. The match ended after a cheap shot that caught Jake off guard, then hitting the superkick, Rob got the 3. Hisone fan was pleased but the rest of the crowd weren’t. I really do hope these guys clash again some time to see if Robbie is the real deal.

 Penultimately was a very anticipated match as the Prince of Camp, Fifi went up against the butcher, Gage Rage. A tower tank top wearing figure, who stands 6ft 2, he’s 260lbs and carries a staff with doll heads and wears a pig mask to the ring. He was going to carry a giant meatcleaver too, but management said that he wasn’t to be trusted withit no matter how nicely he asked, so it was barred from ringside.

Now most of these matches on this show have been dead even in one way or the other. Not in this case. Fifi prides himself on being able to give and take savage beatings from anyone he is thrown in with. Not on this occasion. Gage took everything that Fifi could throw at him and only responded with snarls and shouting, seemingly disappointed by the efforts of this CPW fan favourite. He struck Fifi with chops and slaps, and countered slam and suplex attempts with successful ones of his own. Fifi did manage to get one Slam in of his own, and tried to capitalise by going to the top rope for perhaps a double axe handle. Gage caught him in mid air and hit him with the choke slam. Then instead of going for the pin, he proceeded to choke the life out of Fifi. Dale tried to stop him but couldn’t and ended up calling for the DQ. After feeling he had choked Fifi enough, Gage got up, threatened Dale and shooed him out of the way. He then went outside and pulled out a table. Threw it in the ring and proceeded to throw Fifi through it, to the dismay of the crowd. Fifi hasn’t had the best of luck lately with some of his opponents and has had to deal with some hefty beatings. He’s not been one for taking these lying down however and we hope he gets his redemption against Gage Rage and can tackle this big monster before he ends up tearing through everyone.

Lastly was the main event. James Cross against the Chosen One Will Starr. Will hand picked James to face him as he was most impressed with the progress he made in such a short time. James had only had the 8weeks, he attended every session without fail and Will said he had made his own dream opponent that he wanted to test to see how much he’d really learned. Of course every student wants to outshine their teacher, given the chance and that was given to James. You look at James and would assume that the guy would just be a slugger like me due to his stature, however this isn’t the case. He favours those moves but he actually works as an all-rounder. He also isn’t afraid of a bit of roughnecking too, evident when the first thing he did was attack Will while he was going around the ring and greeting the fans. James stopped Will for most of the match from using that great mat skill that he’s known for, hitting him with the Fallaway Slam, backing Will into the corner and doing that very impressive overhead bicycle kick and even a powerslam. How looked like it had itin the bag, but Will proved why he is known as Mr Wrestling. James went to put Will away, but Will countered and opened up with a chain assault from all sides. Hitting mainly strikes, he hit the diving forearms, that patented buckle takedown and wrapped it up by locking in that modded single leg Boston crab. James tapped out in seconds, leaving Will Starr as a defined winner. Credit to James as he fought valiantly throughout against arguably the best CPW has, pushing him to his limit and almost squeezing out a win in his first attempt.

Sadly it wasn’t to be, but I say Will made the right call with his opponent.

So that’s the end of the show, and what a fantastic showing everyone puton…except I forgot something. Fifi came to the back after the last match and said change back into your gear, we need you out at the entrance way. So we all marched out and got in position. We all discussed what may happen. After a while Mr Richards walked out to thank everyone and called us out to join him, we all shook hands with and hugged him and took our positions in the ring. Followed by Will, Tom and Fifi. We then said that there would be a closing contest. A Battle Royal!

There was amoment of pause from all of us after Mr Richards left the ring, but I turned to Tom Lindsay and just flew at him and started attacking him in the corner, everyone was fighting everyone else. On a couple of occasions I was an odd one with no-one to beat up. Which was good forme as it meant I was less likely to get eliminated, but it lookedlike I was a bit lost out there, so if all else failed I tried to pull a sneaky double team, or just go back to work on Tom. Kilbane and myself tried to get him out but it didn’t work. I managed to eliminate Khash Knight after he threw out Harry Taylor. I then worked on Rob conflict for a while before going after Tom one last time. He cut me off, grabbed me, tried to throw me out, but I put on the brakes, so he threw me out legs first. I tried to sweep his legs out but to no avail. In the end I just ushered along Gage and James after they were eliminated and pointing and shouting at Fifi and Will. Then one after the other everyone else was thrown out. In the end it was all 3 trainers against Lucy, who, one by one managed to in turn eliminate all 3 of them. The last being Will, she ended up clamping him with a reverse head scissors, but Will had a hold, trying to throw her over, but she used his height against him and tipped him straight over the top. The crowd went ballistic, Lucy was presented the trophy and walked out of this event undefeated with some amazing feats to her name already. So well done Lucy. I applaud you for that. I have the feeling we have a future star in our ranks.

Now I know this piece has gone on for a while now, however, we still aren’t finished. There’s one match in particular that I haven’t covered, but it’s one I’m very familiar with and know exactly what happened outthere.

That’sright, I’m on about my match. Myself and Tom Lindsay…but that I think needs its own feature and my own personal account in my style you’ve come to know.

For now, this is Frankie Summers signing off.


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