Match Of The Night

CLEO vs Will Starr – CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship

Performance Of The Night

Cleo capturing the CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship

OMG Moment Of The Night

The debut of little Suzie

CPW Championship Landscape

Will Starr’s seemingly unbreakable 553 day reign as the CPW Lineal Heavyweight Championship was ended by the ‘Son Of Evil’ Cleo

Dan Evans retained the CPW Heavyweight Championship beating the returning Jake Casanova

Scott Oberman kept up his winning streak over Morris beating the ‘BMF’ to become the NEW NextGen Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

Alfie Rogue finished her excellent Season 7 still the CPW Lineal Women’s Champion

Nightmare X kept the CPW Tag Team Championships defeating a version of The Fallen (Tommbie and Leyton Simms)

Chantal Jordan ended an epic Best Of 5 Series with victory over Lucia Lee in their Loser Leaves CPW I Quit Match as the New CPW Women’s Champion and that means that Lucia Lee has now left CPW

Niall Fairchild overcame the whole of The Empire to capture the New Blood Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Morgan Black finally realised his CPW dreams and is now the CPW Galaxy Champion

Charlie of the Coalition shocked everyone winning the show opening Battle Royale for the CPW Academy Championship

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