New Blood Wrestling LIVE 2 Results

CPW Lineal Women’s Championship – Harley Harris def Alfie & Natalie Wild

CPW Heavyweight Championship – Leyton Simms def JJ Roberts

CPW Young Lioness Championship – Shawty def Carrie

CPW Academy Championship – Reubens def Charlie

666 Pack def Rydog & Mr Ace – Persuasion

Jayrow def Lucky Bowden

Will Starr def Robert Cambridge

Match Of The Night – Leyton Simms vs JJ Roberts

Performance Of The Night – Reubens for winning his first ever CPW Championship

OMG Moment Of The Night – New Referee TJ Dean costing Natalie Wild the CPW Lineal Women’s Championship 😮

CPW Championship Landscape

Leyton Simms remained the CPW Heavyweight Champion defeating JJ Roberts in a fantastic Main Event oh he also destroyed the self proclaimed ‘Mr CPW’ Will Starr with Tommbies barbwire bat 🌞🎉🌞

Shawty became only the second CPW Young Lioness Champion in the titles history beating inaugural champion Carrie.

‘The Commissioner’ Charlie’s second reign as CPW Academy Champion came to an end and it’s now Reubens who sits on throne as the CPW Academy’s best.

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