Super Secret Showdown

Hello once again CPW Galaxy, this is Frankie Summers reporting with a quick rundown of a surprise show that came to you on 9th November from the Performance Centre at the North Point Church. The first show we’ve held there since Summerfest 3. Yet it still felt like only 5 minutes ago since I was there being faced down by Dan Evans and Scott Oberman before being saved by Mr Richards. This show was a birthday surprise for a CPW Superfan, Trainee and now CPW Superstars entrant, Emma Cross. Organised by Tina Hewitt, the Matriarch of the Cross Section, she said she gave me the night off and asked me to come along as a guest this time which was was a very nice gesture.

I felt bad for not being of any help as I do like to be calling the action, but my good friend Leyton Simms was given the task of calling the show. He liked ring announcing at F U and this was a great task to see if he was up to the task of announcing in future while he is on the shelf. This is, of course, stripped-down because this jam-packed and fun little show is better off being watched on CPW On Demand rather than me talking about it.

We had 6 matches, a great spread of food and a roster of stars ready to go and paste each other for the roar of the crowd once again. Mr Richards was in the commentary booth and he asked me if I wanted to join him in the commentary booth for a couple of matches while we waited for his commentary partner. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity as I do enjoy doing commentary too as it gives me a chance to show my knowledge of moves and event history. I’m thankful for the chance and I got a great seat afterwards to watch the action.

First, we got a Triple Threat match between Alex Conners, George and Kevin Isaac. George had a grudge with both of these men, last year with Alex for taking his Nextgen title and with Kevin for turning his back on him when he needed it most in the Let’s go to war match. This match was the thrilling Triple Threat fare you would expect. The majority being Alex and George working on each other with Kevin creeping in to break up any attempts at a pin. It ended when George managed to snag Kevin into a Ripcord Codebreaker out of nowhere after Alex was taken out of the picture and George got the win. This was a great showing from George, showing he’s back into the spotlight and back to his winning ways, let’s see where this takes him.

Next, we had a tag team match as CPW Champion Mr Ace and Dingo took on the Saints of Sin, Imperial Dragon and Tommbie. Dragon and Tommbie lost the tag titles to the 666 Pack at the last show after Dragon didn’t show up and left the Taker of Souls to deal with it on his own. They seemed to have made up perhaps they had marriage counselling or something. An odd unit with current CPW Heavyweight champ Mr Ace teaming with Dingo who has lost his way since the G6 dissolved. However, he is still nasty and that’s why he joined with Mr Ace to join someone with as much love to punishment as he does. The rookie and non-established team were shown up by the former tag team championships. Tommbie being annoyed at losing the belts and angry with Dragon for leaving him high and dry.

All four of these men like to rumble and get physical and this match was no different with lots of heavy strikes. Mr Ace tried to muscle in on the Saints of Sin and failed after being thrown around, his cowardly screams following him. The two of them got desperate including Dingo trying to channel his inner Bashby and tried to balance on the ropes to leap off and hit a big arm drag but a quick tug of the arm by Dragon caused Dingo to spaghetti himself in the ropes before splatting on the mat. Despite their best efforts, the more experienced men pulled through after pulling Dingo up for the double team Occult Assault. It was over in a flash, then Tommbie and Dragon celebrated, seemingly over their previous tiff, but for how much longer I wonder?

We wrapped up the first half with a CPW Galaxy Championship challenge as Bashby took on Drake Wynter. This was another frantic match as our crown Prince of Pineapples threw a relentless barrage of high impact attacks but they were all eventually countered by the sheer power of the Emperor. The main one being that crazy plancha from the ring apron to the outside that Bashby tried to turn into a head scissors but Drake caught him and turned it into a powerbomb on the Apron. It ended after Bashby tried to get back in the ring after being thrown out once more and behind the ref’s back Drake kicked the rope which caught Bashby in a low blow, then he pulled Bashby up for another powerbomb, nailed it and pinned Bashby for the 3.

Bashby has been put in a lot of high profile situations this year but always seems to come up short, which is such a shame, because since he became one of the good guys he has come on leaps and bounds and he’s shown that he is a serious contender and his trim stature and relatively short height is not going to hold him back. He comes at you with the force of a gale and he is really hard to prepare for. The Emperor had to resort to cheating to get by this challenge, but he showed the kind of resourcefulness that a warlord should have. He has defended the title in the way he wanted to and he has it for another day. However, there are a group of guys lining up around the block to challenge for that belt.

We opened up half 2 with Dr Gage facing the recently defecting Ryan Conway, formerly known as Ryan Lance. Lance is his middle name it’s revealed, but he didn’t want to use it anymore because he associated it with bad memories. His attitude hasn’t changed it seems as he’s still arrogant and complacent as he was in the days with his cronies. Dr Gage got a wonderful intro from Leyton and he got the crowd behind him as he always does.

I think that Ryan took Dr Gage too lightly in the early going, slapping the bigger man all around the ring, choking, controlling and generally just cheating. He proclaimed he could do this all night. I said it at the time, you aren’t Dan Evans, kid. In the end, Ryan slapped Gage around too much as Gage just bulldozed him and finished it up with a big Chokeslam for the win and a big roar from the crowd. This shows that Gage has come along with his abilities and is willing to mad on people whenever the chance comes along. He’s got great momentum and the chance of the lifetime to get a shot at representing Team Madness alongside Bashby in the Ruler of the Galaxy Tournament.

Next, we had the showcase match to end all and that was the warm-up match between Will Starr and Morris. This was a classic match with a full display of what both men can do, or as much as they wanted to show. It was a mix of power, style, technical and roughnecking from both sides. Both men tried to polish off the other with their finishers but it leads to them both ending up with a pin exchange which led to Morris hooking up Will and pinning him after a backslide. This was a shocking and unexpected decision and Will got up angered and in disbelief and some of us thought that Will was going to take the CPW Lineal Championship and smash Morris in the face with it, but instead, he eased back and went away as Morris celebrated in the ring. It was a tense moment and possibly a harbinger of things to come in just a few weeks. What will happen when these two clash at the Bash? Only time will tell and both of these men better be ready to put up the fights of their lives.

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