NextGen Wrestling LIVE – November 2017 – Results

NextGen Academy Championship – TLC Match

Bashby def Morris

CPW Tag Team Championship

Hillbillies def AOS

NextGen Triple Threat Championship

Tom Lindsay def TJ Sky & Bob Bashby

CPW Women’s Championship

Natalie Wild def Lucy Sky

Contract Match

Craig West def Dan Evans

3 on 3 Tag Match

Kieran Young/Morgan Black/Jason Joshua def Antony Mafia/Leyton Simms/ Seth Skyline

Iron Serb def Niall Fairchild

Issac Quinten III def Lucha Lucha


Match of The Night

Morris vs Bashby – TLC Match

Performance of The Night

Craig West defeating Dan Evans to earn a NextGen contract

OMG Moment of The Night

Beast turning his back on The Crow and

Seth Skyline putting Morris through a table

Fan of The Night

Martin Carolan

CPW Championship Merry Go Round


Bashby became the new NextGen Academy Champion winning a thrilling 5 star TLC match with Morris

Tom Lindsay made history by becoming a two time Triple Threat Champion.

Natalie Wild retained her CPW Women’s Championship proving once again why she is simply the Queen of CPW

The Hillbillies came out unscathed and belts in hand winning their rematch against AOS as mentor turned on his pupil, The Beast crossing over to the darkside in a shocking turn on the ‘Boy Wonder’ The Crow.

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