This one is a bit different CPW fans. I was out of commission for a lot of this show So I can’t give the usual comprehensive experience of the show in written form that I usually give. I’ll run down what I know however. It will be shorter than most, but I can still tell you what happened. If you want to see the matches in full and what happened properly, subscribe to the CPW Patreon account and get the On Demand service and check out free matches from previous shows. My descriptions can’t do them justice.

CPW Adrenaline is the annual extreme show that we do every single year, meaning lots of the matches are No Disqualification, and we have our own 6 person staggered entry extreme rules match, known as the Adrenaline Death Row match. It happens every year and the winner of the match gets the Golden Ticket briefcase. Which contains a one time title shot at any championship in CPW or Nextgen. We’ve got a varied assortment of our younger talent in it this year, let’s see who wins out.

We came to you once again from the Henley Green Community centre in Bell Green which has become our home and main base in recent times. We had a 7 match card and the show was hosted by myself and Caitlyn James, and we of course opened up the show with our traditional rendition of Sweet Caroline. I gave the warning that due to the nature of this show, there would be more action than normal heading in the direction of the fans. Weapons, shrapnel and wrestlers being thrown out of that ring about the same as Elimination.

We opened up with a Kendo Stick match between CPW Godiva Champion The Imperial Dragon taking on the Queen of the Jungle, Fifi, in a long awaited match that has been brewing since November last year. Multiple times has Fifi been assaulted or screwed out of match wins or just pushed about by the Dragon. These two are no strangers to eachother and this should be the final resolution between them, and in true fashion, it’s No DQ.


I announced them both. Dragon came out first as he has to take centre stage. He came out as Normal with his kendo stick and started trying to taunt the fans. He then threw his belt into the ring in typical fashion and on this occasion nearly hit Referee Chris Bryce with it. There was about a foot in it. It could have been nasty had it hit and we would have needed an EMT before the match even starts, and a new ref. He obviously tried to intimidate me which has been going like clockwork for months.

So it started out as you would expect. The Kendo sticks came out immediately. Fifi had one made for the show especially with pink detailing. Very befitting. The came out hard and fast with swinging kendo stick strikes as was promised, in a display of rage and pent up brutality. Dragon was his usual punishing self. Using his size and strength to throw around Fifi, as well as using the stick to take out his legs, to stop his progress. Fifi put Dragon in the corner and deservedly so used the Stinkface on Dragon, but then lined him up, but he missed an epic cannonball into the corner and hit the propped Kendo stick and broke it in 2. He fought back to gain enough advantage to hit the Fifi Factor, but somehow Dragon kicked out of the move to the shock of everyone. He kept fighting on and managed to hit another move to finish the Dragon off and put him away for three.

This pleased the fans greatly, but annoyed the Dragon more so. He picked up his Kendo stick and hit Fifi so hard with it, that part of it broke on impact. Fifi yelled in pain as he was hit over and over again. Then something came over me. With my hatred of Dragon brewing and frustration at myself for not stepping in to help Leyton from getting hurt last time, I jumped into the ring to save Fifi and get the Dragon off him. I did just that and went to check on Fifi, but then it happened. Dragon attacked me with the Kendo stick right across my back. It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever felt as evidenced by the sound I made that made the whole crowd gasp in horror as Dragon kicked me and choked me with the Kendo stick. Then he let me go and hit me again with it, giving me two perfectly parallel lashes across my back, he also proceeded to choke me with the stick, even getting me in a camel clutch like move with it. It was nothing compared to what Fifi had to take and has had to take in recent memory, but this was different. I do feel bad for complaining, but I’m not a full time wrestler, I’m a ring announcer who wrestles in the Academy division on occasion. I had to claw my way out of the ring to get away from the beating, but during all of this, some very familiar music hit. None other than Mr Richards came out to the ring, wielding a sledgehammer, which stopped Dragon in his tracks. Mr Richards leapt in and quickly dispatched the Dragon and sent him on his way. Checking myself and my injuries as well as the prone Fifi in the aftermath.

I rolled out of the ring and eventually was helped out to the back by Caitlyn. Fifi thanked me for my bravery, and gave us a speech for an absolutely shocking announcement. Mr Richards is retiring from wrestling. This is due to medical reasons, but he will be back in other ways, just not wrestling. We thank you for all of your services to wrestling in our fair CPW, and I personally thank you for the heights you have taken this promotion. That we can pull in a triple figure audience every single show. How you entice in a die hard contingent of fans who admire the heroes and revile the villains that we have in our ring every show, and of course for being the Captain of the good ship CPW for the past 6 years. We all hope you’ll be back again as soon as possible to run this ship once again.

After this huge announcement, we celebrated the birthday of one of our own. We celebrated the 35th Birthday of CPW Superstars competitor and fan favourite, Tango. We sang Happy Birthday and presented him with a chocolate cake and our sponsors at Hakimpur Cash and Carry gave him a gift package, presented by Ravi.

Now after this I had to head to the back to be checked out by the EMTs who just advised me to wait, so here is all the information that I have for each of the matches between now and the interval so I will have to real them off in simplified form.

Next was the Deathrow Match which is the flagship event for the entire show. An annual event where 6 wrestlers get a chance at the Golden Ticket briefcase. 2 wrestlers start, 4 are handcuffed to ringposts. After a time interval, allocated on a number draw system like Elimination, the next person enters into the match. A person is eliminated when they are pinned or made to submit. There is no count out or Disqualification. The match only ends when there are 2 people left in the ring and a decision occurs. The winner of that fall wins the match and the Golden Ticket Briefcase.

The entrants for the match were Morris, George, Isaac Quentin III, Bashby, Drake Wynter and making his main roster debut, Ryan Lance. The match was brutal with noone coming out unscathed. As people walked past me in the medic bay, I saw their welts and wounds, like we were part of some kind of sick club. The last two came down to Morris and Isaac Quentin III in a confrontation not seen since Isaac lost his Nextgen belt in that Fatal Four Way at Summerfest III. Isaac managed to get the win over Morris to become the first ever 2 time Golden Ticket holder. The crowd were understandably annoyed as Morris had been denied his big moment once again. However Isaac has come out in a video on social media to say that he is giving an open challenge to anyone who will accept for someone to come and take that Briefcase from him, if they can get past him. He’s only lost on a decision one time and that was to Jake Casanova a few shows ago by a very controversial submission. Morris would be a good fit to go after the briefcase, but as it stands, we could easily see a repeat of what happened last year and see Isaac become unified champion or Nextgen champion again at any given moment. I would be interested to see how that progresses though.

Next we had the tag team championship match as the Merseyside Murder Squad defended against the unlikely team of Kieran Young and “Wild One” Casey Wild. Casey made a huge impact beating Iron Serb in his debut at Ready or Not, but subsequently it caused Serb to go on his rampage and beat up a helpless Leyton Simms. Kieran we last saw at Summerfest III in a losing effort against Scott Oberman in a rare singles outing these days. He proved however to be just as devestating in singles as he is in Tag team action. I didn’t see the match of course but from what I can tell and what I heard, this impromtu team of Wild and Young fought valiantly but it just wasn’t enough. The MMS look even more unstoppable than ever, it’s just the question of whether anyone can actually stop these two? Everyone they’ve faced has eventually fallen, but the saving grace is we are getting fantastic matches out of it and we’re seeing unlikely alliances out of it. But nothing beats tag team continuity which is what the MMS have in spades. Let’s hope that something stops them soon.

Next we had part 1 of a match as the Nextgen Champion Tommbie defending his title against Alex Conners. This was the Conners Yard part of the match, that took place in an unknown location. Tommbie and Alex as well as Big Eli giving the assist. This part of the match was shown via projection of a live stream on the back wall of the Henley Community centre. I didn’t see much of what happened from where I was but I know that weapons were involved, there was mud smearing, and Tommbie getting whacked with a spade which bust him wide open. The video stream stopped suddenly after a scream was heard and signal was cut. The CPW Galaxy were left baffled as we headed to the first half interval. What had just happened and why did it stop? Where were the Conners brothers? Where was Tommbie, and what about the championship? We would find out.

During the break we had fan access with Casey Wild, Morris, and a selection of others, and after we had a very special celebrations to honour, and the first was for loyal CPW fan Lucymay’s son Cohen-Lee, who turned 2 not long before the day of show, and we celebrated and sung Happy Birthday. A cake was presented by New Blood champion Leyton Simms.

The second half opened and it was the New Blood championship match as Leyton Simms defended against the Iron Serb. I thought that such a big match needed some punch with its announcements so I hobbled out as I wanted to give Iron Serb a piece of my mind for what he did to Leyton at the last show. I know he wouldn’t attack what was essentially a wounded animal, he had other things to worry about. I didnt see most of this match either for being in the back, but it was another brutal match.

Leyton assaulted Serb with a chair on the outside of the ring, and the biggest highlight of the match was Serb being put into the bin, with it over his head, and Leyton smacking the bin with a Kendo stick which must have scrambled his senses for while.

It ended with Leyton hitting Serb with the bin, but Serb got an opening by throwing the flowers in Leyton’s face. This blinded Leyton temporarily as Serb speared him through the Table to get the pin for 3 and become the new New Blood champion. The crowd was outraged at this and understandably so. This was not how it was meant to end for them. Leyton was supposed to overcome the odds one more time and lay the Serb out and beat him at this own game. Sadly it didn’y happen, but Leyton has a return title shot in his contract to be used at another occasion. For now we have a couple of other people in line for a shot at that championship and Leyton will just have to join the queue. He defended the belt so valiantly and was the classic example of a fighting champion. Even if the belt isn’t involved in future, this war is not over. This isn’t the end for these two men.

Next we had the second half of the Nextgen Championship match. The Taker of Souls match which would of course be no holds barred when it happened. It started when Alex Conners came out and held the Nextgen belt high and proclaimed himself the new champion. Of course the lights started flickering on and off and darkness filled the Henley. This happened 3 times before a bloody, enraged and filth covered Tommbie emerged from the darkness and destroyed the Hillbillies. Starting by picking up the 265lb Eli and planting him with the Occult Assault. It ended when Alex and Tommbie were tied together and Alex tried to get the advantage by swinging a weapon but Tommbie ducked it and crotched Alex with the rope, before hoisting him up, hitting the Occult Assault and getting the 3 and retaining the championship.

Who knows if this will be the end for this rivalry for now, as Tommbie has beaten Alex soundly multiple times now when the title has been on the line, so who knows what will happen next. Will Alex go after something else or hide in the shadows for a bit for another time to strike? Only time will tell.

Next was the Women’s title match as Valkyrie Victoria Adams took on the challenger baddest girl on the planet, Chantal Jordan in a submission match where there were no pinfalls, only a tapout or surrender is the only way to win the match. These two young women have fought eachother before and this was Chantal’s last chance against Tori to win the championship. Again I was out in the back still recovering so I didn’t see much of the match but I know that the match was hard hitting and brutal. Footage emerged of Tori pulling out her now standard German Suplexes on Chantal. With a trade of submissions and close calls throughout the match, but in the end Chantal managed to lock in the submission hold and shockingly made Tori tap and become the new Women’s Champion. Ending Tori’s around 6 month run.

This is Chantal’s first ever title win which we congratulate her for on such a hard fought and well deserved win. Tori left without a fuss or trying to attack Chantal over the decision, but instead she went to the back quiet and seemingly quite broken. It was sad to see, but she was a great champion, even if the fans had turned on her for her turning on Mr Richards at Betrayal.

Lastly I came out for the last match for the CPW Unified championship as Jay J Roberts took on Will Starr once more for the championship. He was dissatisfied with how the last match went, due to the ending. He claimed to have kicked out at 2, but Dale called 3. As a result to settle the score after an interview conducted by me the match was set for these two to duke it out again. Before the match started I came out and called out Imperial Dragon, to say that I wanted a match with him, to show that I am not to be seen as a joke. To show that I can rumble with anyone in this promotion, including a big nasty lizard. The fans got behind this, I just wanted a shot at him. A fair and square match, man to man. More about that later.

So both men came out, but a special set of stipulations were put in place. It was best 2 out of 3 falls and we had a special outside enforcer in the form of Dominic Dewinter on the outside to observe the action and make sure that no foul play took place.

In short this was another intense and fast paced and back and forth match with the technical skill of the Chosen One and the power and size of the King of Beards. The first two falls occurred rather quickly with both getting a pin each which instantly ramped up the stakes. But now here’s where the controversy came in.

Jay J hit Will with a sit out Powerbomb and Dale hit a 2 count after Will kicked out or so it seemed, but Dominic told the booth to ring the bell and he grabbed the belts to give to Jay J and I was about to name him the new Unified Champion until Dale took it upon himself to go back and check the VAR for a replay on the stream and found that he was right and Will did kick out at 2. The match restarted but the boos and chants reigning down on Jay J and Dominic at this point were deafening. I struggled to get the crowd’s attention to make the announcement to begin with. It restarted with Jay J trying to get a roll up on Will but he kicked out just in time. Will managed to get the advantage however, swing it in his favour and get the last pin fall to retain his Unifed title. Dominic jumped into the ring to congratulate Will but his parting words caused Will to stare in shock at what had just been said. There’s speculation, but it’s unknown what exactly was said. Will hasn’t said what it was, but the burning question is, Mr Dewinter. What exactly are you playing at with a display like that? You were the outside observer, the one there to confirm if foul play had taken place, or if something had happened that Dale missed. Dale was well on top of the situation, but you used your station to try and turn the situation to your own advantage. But for what, is there some kind of alliance with Jay J you’re forming under our noses? As far as we all knew, you had no quarrel with Will Starr. You always sing his praises, but to do this, and have everyone in that audience turn on you the way they did is unprecedented, but most of all, a bad judgement call.

This is all a very strange situation here. Usually Dominic is a force for good and calling it straight down the middle and fairly, as well as being against the bad guys on the roster as all they do is try and pull CPW out from under the feet of the fans and the other people on the roster. I hope that this was just an isolated incident and we won’t have to deal with this unfortunate happening again.

Any how the next show will be on April 27th, the show New Blood, named after our new division. It will feature the main roster debut of Lucia Lee as she takes on Luna Rox as both ladies stake their claim to become Queen of the CPW Galaxy and win the new Lineal CPW Women’s championship. Will Starr will be taking on the standout from Superstars 2, Ryan Lance in a non title match. Leyton Simms and Dr Gage will be taking on Bashby and new New Blood champion Iron Serb, and I will be in my first ever championship match against Imperial Dragon as I fight for the CPW Godiva championship.

All that and a whole lot more to be announced, for now. We all have matches to prep for and we shall see you at the Henley Green Community Centre for New Blood. For now, Frankie Summers is signing off. Now I have 2 mysteries to solve.

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