Hello once again, CPW Galaxy. This is your War Correspondent Frankie Summers reporting. Welcome to my 20th rundown of a main roster show.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing these for this long, and I feel that this number is kind of fitting for me as things come full circle. This is a show that we got a lot of answers but even more questions. This review will be a bit more’ bare-bonesy’ as I wasn’t there to see most of it. Only appearing for fan access and for my match, but this will be less about the matches themselves this time, It will focus more on the match results, the actions that lead up to them and what happened in the aftermath and how the situation looks afterwards. Let’s give you the rundown.

On 27th April we hosted the first ever show for the New Blood promotion, which came to you from the Henley Green Community centre. A tense time for us all as this was a step up from the Superstars division which is where most of the competitors have come from. We had a 7 match card with lots on the line. Now as I was competing, I didn’t see much of the action, but here’s what happened in brief. We started off in fine style as the returning Niall Fairchild answered his own open challenge by taking on the Golden Ticket challenge of Isaac Quentin III, for that Golden Ticket briefcase.

Niall didn’t get off to the best start as Isaac quickly took control for the first half, showing that Niall may still be feeling the effects of not being in the ring for as long as he has. He managed to get his groove back however and overpower Isaac on a couple of occasions, showing the CPW Galaxy why he was voted Breakout Star of 2017. Isaac got desperate in the end and had to cheat to get the victory in the end, but he retained his Golden Ticket and his unpinned record. It was a great comeback showing from Niall, even if it wasn’t the great triumphant return he had hoped. We are all very glad to have him back though. Isaac carries on with his golden run, and is heading headlong for… wherever he decides to go. Everyone has to be on alert as he can cash in that briefcase at any moment.

Next was the anticipated match between Drake Wynter and the leader of the NBO Warriors, Morris. This came about after a tag team match where George and Morris took on Bashby and Drake. Drake got the pin over Morris at the time to the shock of everyone. Albeit with the help of Bashby. Could he repeat the same success on his own against CPW’s favourite son?

The match was quite even throughout, and it was all a display of power for both men. Drake used His experience and worked on Morris’ back throughout the match, which stopped Morris from hoisting the emperor’s large frame onto his shoulders. After brawling through the match, Morris got Wynter in a compromising enough position to try and hit the Samoan drop, but his back gave out and Drake slipped off. It came to a head after a brawl on the outside and Morris throwing Drake back in before heading to the top turnbuckle. Morris isn’t known for aerial moves apart from ones done on the mat. Drake hopped up and caught Morris and flattened him with a sit out powerbomb for the solid win.

Drake pulled off an absolute shock here, beating Morris without cheating, interference or even a Cheap move. He worked on his opponent, waited until he gave him an opening and put him away with a big move he had no answer for. As much as I hate to admit it, this was a great victory for Drake. Bashby made a great choice for a partner, as he is now proving his dominance. Watch out for this guy, he’s dangerous.

Next we had a the debut of Harley Harris, teaming up with Alex Conners to expand the Deep South. They took on CPW Women’s champion Chantal Jordan and the debuting Russell Hardwood. Russell Is the alter ego of Fifi, or so he says. Come in to fill in while Fifi rests up and works on a plan for the Nextgen title match at History. Both teams seem to have continuity, the Deep South being family, and Russell and Chantal from the friendship they have behind the scenes.

So we got to the match as the debuting Harley Harris and partner Alex Conners took on Russell Hardwood and Women’s champ Chantal Jordan. A match put together after Harley revealed that her and Alex are cousins and wanted to team up against Chantal. Due to their friendship backstage, Russell jumped at the chance to tag up with the Bad Girl. This match was the standard fare that you’d expect from the Deep South. Even with more of a feminine touch this time. The match broke down to where Chantal took out Harley and Alex was left at the mercy of both. Chantal gave one of her kicks to Alex which staggered him before Russell picked him up and hit his new finisher, the hard ending. Both of the Deep South were down and both got the pin for 3. Putting a huge exclamation point on the win. Great moment for Russell in his run up to History, and Chantal proved that she is a worthy champion. The ultimate test will be against Lizzy Styles at Survive, I cannot wait to see that one.

Next was the first half main event and it pitted myself against the Imperial Dragon for the CPW Godiva Championship. This came about after months of on/off hassle from Dragon to myself. It came to a head at Adrenaline when he broke his Kendo Stick over my back. In a crazed fit of pain and frustration I challenged the Dragon to a match at New Blood, openly. So as he wasn’t available at the time to answer, so I went straight to Management and Dominic Dewinter signed the match, but Dragon said he’d put the belt on the line, so when the match was announced, to my shock it was a title match. Personally this was my biggest test to date to see how I stand with the biggest and baddest of CPW. In short the match was one sided. It was an uphill battle which is normal for me, but more so than any other match as I was outmatched, outgunned and it wasn’t an experience gap, it was an experience chasm.

I made sure that this time I would be totally serious. No jokes, no theatrics, all action and seriousness, to show everyone, including the Dragon that I was in there for something. However the first forearm I took to the back set the tone for the match. It’s a blur as I was struck around the ring a lot, disorienting me a lot. I was able to dodge the first few, but Dragon was soundly on top for most of the match, with his usual level of high aggression. I had challenged him and he wasn’t going to hold back after I decided to get brave, along with the stakes being raised. However, regardless of what Dragon threw at me, even pulling out his staples like the 2nd rope moonsault, the back suplex, two of those vicious overhand chops and even locking me in the octopus stretch. I kept fighting back and even got some intermittent offence in, halfway through even locking in a sleeperhold. A move I’m very pleased with and may just continue to use. Dragon ended up getting frustrated as I kept kicking out and deciding to take a different way out, he went for the Kendo Stick again, only for Jake Casanova’s music to hit and for Jake to come out through the crowd to get the attention of Dragon. He swung for Jake with the stick, first around, then down, the second ended with Dragon hitting himself with the Kendo Stick. While he was dazed I got behind him and grabbed him in the backslide and got the 3 count. I, Frankie Summers am your new CPW Godiva Champion! Jake was given the microphone and announced that it was in fact the Imperial Dragon who put him in the Hospital, and I advise you all to take cover when that one blows off as Dragon left enraged. Jake congratulated me and gave his kudos to the New Blood roster for their efforts in their reasonably short tenure.

Exhausted, hurting and in tears I was given the stage by Dominic Dewinter to give a short speech to the crowd that has surfaced online. This was the bravest thing I ever did. I came out a bit worse for wear, but I emerged the 3rd ever Godiva Champion. Now I have to defend it and prove that I’m worthy of everything that the belt represents. Russell Hardwood came out to congratulate and he came along with Lucia Lee, Women’s Champion Chantal Jordan and Morris who all came to give me their best. On a personal note that I have to say that I have unrivalled respect for the Imperial Dragon now, and it makes me think how good it is to have someone of his expertise around. Anyone who gets in the ring with him has to take a trial by fire, and he will chew you up if you aren’t ready. So from now on I will not be giving him mocking nicknames, anymore. You in the CPW Galaxy still can, but I will not be taking part. I had my first ever fan access where we got fans in the ring for photos with myself, Lucia, Morris, Russell and Chantal. All of which came to congratulate me. It was overwhelming to the point I had to go to the back to clean up before the photos. Russell even called my mum into the ring to have photos with us which just completed the moment so well. Thank you CPW Galaxy for your support over the past 6 months. It’s just beginning, I’m only going to improve from here on out!

We opened up the second half in fine style as Leyton Simms and Dr Gage who form Team Madness took on New Blood champion Iron Serb and Bashby. There’s some deep history here involving Simms and Serb and now Dr Gage has been dragged into it by being seemingly drugged with those Serbian flowers that Serb brought in, although it’s not known whether the flowers were planted there and we all just hallucinated Serb on the last episode of Gage and Simms. Bashby has gotten involved too in a follow on to recruiting big strong guys as his friends, Drake Wynter being the last one, and his last endeavour has been very successful. It was quite even on paper as we have one smaller man and a bigger man on both teams.

All I know that happened from the match was that an amazing bit of teamwork occurred to win the match as Leyton stood atop the shoulders of Dr Gage as he launched him off and Leyton hit the diving headbutt to win the match. This creates more momentum for Leyton in his rivalry with Serb, as one day I am sure he will get his contracted rematch with Serb. When it will be I don’t know, but it has been a long, rough and violent road to get there and it’s still going. It’s gotten brutal and personal, and even people from the outside have been pulled into it. This needs resolution and I feel we may just get it soon.

Next was the final Quarter Finals match for the Queen of the Galaxy tournament as Lucia Lee faced Luna Rox to stake their claim in the semi finals and a shot at the CPW Lineal Women’s championship. Luna made waves last time she was here when she wrestled Victoria Adams, and left such a positive impression on COO Dominic Dewinter that she was offered a contract with CPW on the spot, which was a very nice gesture I thought. Lucia was down after not being able to beat Nadia Sapphire at Superstars 2. But undeterred she made her presence felt when she appeared from the back in Nadia’s Quarter Final Match against Shauna Shay, causing Shauna to get the win and to advance in the tournament, much to the displeasure of Nadia.

Luna showed a side throughout this match that we didn’t think was like her judging from her first match, with a vicious tendency and use of roughneck moves throughout the match to really test Lucia like she never has been before. Lucia used her technical skill and innovative move set to weather the storm however, even, for the first time hitting a handstand Hurricanrana off the turnbuckle which sent Luna flying to the centre of the ring. Lucia finished it up with the Super Starr Elbow and got the pin for 3 with a roaring response from the crowd. Lucia Lee advances in the tournament, her next opponent will be Natalie Wild in the semi-finals.

Lastly, the big one. The Triple Threat match which was meant to be a singles originally, but due to unknown circumstances, it was changed from Ryan Lance vs Will Starr to Ryan Lance, James Cross and Kevin Isaac vs Will Starr, Kieran Young and George. It’s still not been explained why this was the set-up, other than to make the main event even bigger.

We already had many shocks earlier on in the show, with Lucia beating Luna and of course myself causing the biggest upset in CPW History against Imperial Dragon, but what on earth could top this? Will Starr managed to get the pinfall victory against this troublesome trio, and after they all stood up and stared down the Unified Champion. Will gave Kieran and George a call to arms as it were as they stood 3 on 3 once again, seemingly to brawl one last time, before Kieran switched sides to make it 4 on 2. But undeterred, Will turned to George, feeling inside that he at least still had his back, but that wasn’t the case at all as George grabbed Will and hit him with the Codebreaker and all 5 of them started stomping on Will. They pulled him up and started performing their finishers on Will and even dragged in Connor, who is one of the the ring hands to hit Will with a devastating Spear. It was at this point that Dominic Dewinter came out and started yelling at this group of 6. Saying that it was all uncalled for, and if you’re going to do this, do it properly, before stomping on Will himself.

It all ended when Kevin Isaac who seems to be the leader of this group of rebels hoisted up Will and Dropped him with a crucifix powerbomb, laying him out in a cross shape in the middle of the ring. He was hauled away and kept in that position the whole time. So we witness the coming of the Genesis 6, who the video packages spoke of. We know who they are and now everyone who doesn’t stand with them, be they good or bad has a huge target on them, and this will be the sternest task to date for Will, and all of us. Strength in numbers is their game and who knows what they will do, especially with the power of the COO on their side. We will need to wait to hear from Will about this and see what his plan of action is. Before my match, Dominic Dewinter dubbed me as CPW’s War Correspondent, and that’s exactly what this is. War. It’s just begun, and as a journalist, I’m on the front Line. But I won’t just be reporting, as now that I’m Godiva Champion, there’s every chance I’ll have to get Into the ring with some of these men.

We will all have to stay alert. Some matches have already been announced. George and Morris will be wrestling in a Bull Rope match and Kevin Isaac has been given the shot at the Unified championship against Will that he obviously wants. Let’s hope that justice will prevail in the early going, but I get the feeling regardless of what happens, the G6 will carry on causing chaos and destruction. I said that History would be Stratospheric and it’s turning out to be the truth. After our next show, we are officially on the Road to History, and this time it’s more than just a ragtag trio of delinquents and their would be manager with a loose sense of organisation trying to take over CPW, we have 7 people and whoever decides to stand with them later on trying to destroy what we all stand for and take control of whatever is left. Mr Dewinter, you have some questions to answer, and I will be bringing that to the foreground.

We will see you on 11th May at the Henley Green Community centre for CPW Primetime’s show: Survive. For now, this is

The CPW Godiva Champion Frankie Summers signing off.

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